Do si Dos Auto

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Pokoj: Indoor | Outdoor
Rod: Feminized
Geny: -
Genetika: -
Kvetoucí: -
Sklizeň: -
Výška US: -
Výška EU: -
THC: -
CBD: -
Samokvetoucí: Yes
Coming soon


Glaukom, nevolnost, epilepsie, roztroušená skleróza, bolesti zad, PMS, Artritida, opar, revmatismus, Srpkovitá chudokrevnost, Expektorans, stres, Migrény, AIDS, nádory, astma

Getting its start in America, the Do-Si-Dos strain became an instant hit on the west coast cannabis scene. It may not be clear to international readers, but Do-si-dos is a popular variety of Girl Scout Cookie in the United States from which this hybrid of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies gets its name. Breeding the OG back into the Cookies line gives Do-si-dos heavy indica effects, with just enough sativa energy to keep you away from couch lock. Regardless, calling it 'high-THC' is a bit of an understatement. Working from clone, Fast Buds is using our signature autoflower and cookies genetics to breed Do-si-dos seeds with a high yield that can act as your own personal California dispensary whether you grow indoor or outdoor, and no matter where you are in the world. We're happy to announce that our Do-Si-Dos Auto strain will be for sale in 2019!


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