FastBuds News Cannabis News & Grow Guides Malta: A Two-Weeks Countdown to Cannabis Legalization Maltese lawmakers are about to pass the law allowing weed growing, possession, and distribution through clubs Jamaica’s Government is Busting Marijuana Myths The new campaign calls on science to educate people about cannabis use, and science says blazing one is okay Power Plant Cannabis Strain Week-by-Week Guide Following our week-by-week series, read our latest week-by-week guide dedicated to the super easy-to-grow Power Plant! Jim Belushi: From Movie Star to Master Grower The legendary film comedian and sitcom actor is now happily growing his own brand of weed in Oregon Is it profitable to grow autoflowers? Growing autos at home is easy, but what about a commercial operation? Is it profitable to grow autoflowers? Are Autoflowers Worth it? If you're confused about autoflowers, here are a few reasons that tell you why they are worth it. Uber Eats Will Now Have Weed on the Menu But Only in Ontario, Canada The ride-hailing giant has reached an agreement with Tokyo Smoke to list marijuana in its Uber Eats app Thailand to Establish a Research Center For Medical Cannabis The new research facility will study everything cannabis-related — from breeding new strains to making cannabis extracts Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Week-By-Week Guide Be prepared and know what to expect. Take a look at our Durban Poison week-by-week guide! Germany Will Legalize Sales of Recreational Cannabis in Licensed Shops Reports by der Spiegel and Funke say the new coalition government wants to create a regulated cannabis market for adults Top 5 Highest THC Autoflowering Strains 2022 Our most THC-rich strains for those who want a pleasant devastating high! How to Make Cannabis Edibles If you are a medicinal user or just want to try different ways to consume cannabis, edibles are the way to go! Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Traffic Injuries, Study Finds Researchers studied emergency room visits in Canada and found no increase in traffic injuries post-legalization How to Grow Small Cannabis Plants in Tiny Spaces Learn how to get high yields in small spaces with ease. Luxembourg: The First Country in Europe to Legalize Home Cultivation of Cannabis Growing up to four plants for personal use will no longer be punishable by law in this tiny, landlocked European country Colombia Poised to Become Leading Exporter of Cannabis The country has recently lifted the ban on exporting dry flowers which ushers in a thriving cannabis market Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2022 Top 10 autoflowering strains to give you an advantage in the cold and humid UK weather. Germany: Incoming Government Discusses the Details of Cannabis Legalization All three parties involved in coalition talks want cannabis legalized and are discussing the details of its regulation Mexico: Cannabis May be Legalized This Legislative Session A top senator said there was an agreement among Mexico’s decision-makers to prioritize cannabis legalization Cannabis Is Becoming More Popular Among the Elderly A health survey found that more senior citizens have recently used cannabis either medically or recreationally