New Strain of the Month promo!

New Strain of the Month promo!

Created: 05.05.2017

Hi Family! 

We are very happy to present you our last promo we’ve come up with for your enjoyment!

We’ve called it “Strain Of the Month” and it means you’ll be gifted with ONE seed of a featured strain every time you make an order through our web; but, if your order is over 25€, you’ll be gifted with TWO seeds of this selected strain!!!! Cool, right?

The featured strain will be different every month, so it’s a continous promo for you from now! 

Check this Strain of the Month’s promo banner to know the strain you’ll be gifted with along this month!

This month you’ll be gifted with America’s most wanted, GREEN CRACK!!!

Enjoy growing faster and share this promo ‘cause it’s worth it! We are happy to make you happier!

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Happy and fast growing, fam!


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