Fast Buds' Strain of the Month: CBD Crack!

Fast Buds' Strain of the Month: CBD Crack!

Created: 01.12.2017

Happy December Fast Buds buds! The weather's getting colder for some of us, while readers in the southern hemisphere are just getting their season started.

A new month means it's time for a new "strain of the month." We've got something different for you this time around. We're featuring our new strain, CBD Crack! That means we'll be packing in one CBD Crack seed with every order, and two on orders over 25€. It's the perfect way to test out a fantastic new strain, and discover its unique properties.

This is Fast Buds' first time promoting this beautiful cross between our fan favorite Green Crack and a CBD dominant autoflower, and we couldn't be happier. With plants that reach up to 7% CBD, this is a big boon for our customers using medicinal cannabis for anxiety or pain. Even if you're not an MMJ patient, we find that CBD-rich buds provide a clear, relaxed headspace unlike any other. When you want to kick things up a bit, some CBD Crack flowers topped with kif or concentrates from another strain produces a smooth, relaxing feeling with none of the anxiety that ingesting lots of THC can bring.

Autoflowering CBD Crack from Fast Buds. Grown by Rootocure.

CBD Crack is a quick-growing autoflower rich in the cannabinoid from which it gets its name. We're serious when we say there's nothing else quite like it, and we want to share that with all our growers this month. If you curious, you can take a look at this comprehensive account of a seed to extraction grow on GrowDiaries. Don't forget to keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We have exciting new announcements coming! In the meantime, enjoy growing faster.