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The Explosive C4 is Our Strain of the Month

The Explosive C4 is Our Strain of the Month

Created: 01.02.2018

February is upon us and we're wintering in style with our Strain of the Month, C4.

As our strain of the month, we'll be packing a free C4 seed in with every order, and two seeds on orders over €25. It's the easiest way to try out this hybrid wonder, risk-free.

This explosive polyhybrid is famous for its explosive force from the time it is a taproot to the time it first blossoms. The origin of these genetics arose from a combination of high yielding and resinous strains to produce the autoflower.

Fast Buds' C4 Grown by Tripaholic88

Check out this amazing C4 grown by the master of autoflower cultivation, Tripaholic88. He had this to say, "Most def recommended for Sativa lovers... this is a have a great time, or you can also get things done on this strain... very very good for depression. No anxiety caused by this either and I deal with anxiety, so that is good for me. The BHO I made from the trim has a great tropical citrus on the beginning of the exhale followed by a woody/earthy finish, tastes great!"

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