Grow Big and Win Big in Fast Buds' Mega Haul Contest

Grow Big and Win Big in Fast Buds' Mega Haul Contest

Created: 27.11.2017

Nothing feels better than harvesting those massive buds you've spent the past few months slaving over. Show off your giant crop, and win seeds and merch, in our Fast Buds Harvest Video Contest.

Here's how it works:

You create a grow diary and video showcasing your massive haul, and post them on Videos will be judged for overall quality of the video and the plant, as well as the (wet) size of the harvest.

Fast Buds Haul Contest


How & When:

• To enter you must be growing a strain from Fast Buds. There are hundreds of you on GrowDiaries already; we'd love to see more.

• Document your grow on GrowDiaries.

• Create a video that shows off your fully mature plant or plants, harvesting of the buds, and finally the (wet) weight of your haul. Upload this to your grow diary.

• Bonus points for creativity, a slick presentation, and beautiful plants.

• Winners will receive Fast Buds' newest high yielding strain, Blue Dream´matic, alongside classic XXL Yielders like Six Shooter, Tangie'Matic, and the always popular Gorilla Glue.


Full prize list:

  • The contest runs through March 1st, 2018. Enjoy growing faster!