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Grow Diaries' Fast Buds Mega Haul Winners Announced

Grow Diaries' Fast Buds Mega Haul Winners Announced

Created: 16.03.2018

What's up Fast Fans! Our Mega Haul competition wrapped up a few weeks ago, and we're ready to hand out 50 seeds to the winner! As a reminder, here's how the contest worked. Entrants documented their Fast Buds grow, recorded the final WET weight, and produced a video showcasing both cultivation and yield. With that out of the way, here are the winners.

1st Place - Squirrel_Master's Gorilla Glue

Just watch the video. Seriously, click that play button! Squirrel_Master turned his Gorilla Glue harvest into a stylish stop-motion music video showcasing his work. His 380-gram yield wasn't the largest, but it was a respectable effort paired with pure styyyle.

Squirrel_Master described the grow this way:

"Really happy with my first FastBuds experience! This girl was a joy to grow, very low maintenance. The only issue through her grow was taking a little light bleaching to part of her canopy, but that was completely my fault.She finished at a beefy 27" with large main cola and some nice size colas in the upper canopy. It is sticky! I see how she got her name... a nice blanket of trichomes and that fantastic pine scent!

A must-have for any auto aficionado. Dank and delicious!" 

2nd place - Stick's Mexican Airlines

Stick went all out documenting his whole Mexican Airlines grow from germination to harvest with a stunning time-lapse that wowed everyone in the Fast Buds' office. He didn't describe his experience in his journal, but let his video do the talking.

3rd place - Liquid Sun's Six Shooter

Liquid Sun always posts stunning work. We've been fans of his for quite some time, and he did not disappoint with his experimental 1-liter Six Shooter grow. That tiny pot and a 400-watt LED earned him 141-grams of this fine sativa. It's truly a testament to the power of autoflowers to thrive in multiple environments. Not everyone has the space or money to produce 350 dry gram monsters, and Liquid Sun shows what a talented grower on budget can do. He described the experience:

"She is gorgeous. She matured little late cause of transplanting I think, but look at her, all trichs are milky and sticky... I was thinking to throwing her when she was young, cause her sisters were growing well, but she was not. I then changed her soil and transplanted her to a 1L pot. I really didn't care for her so much, but she grew amazingly well after transplant. Thanks to my wife also, who doesn't know anything about growing but takes care of her so much and gives her love to this beautiful plant. Fast Buds rocks again, really good yield for a small plant."

There were so many incredible entries we couldn't just stop after the three winners. So, we decided to honor these growers in our blog post, and send them some free seeds!

Honorable Mentions

Fergie's Fastberry

This is hands down the best Fastberry grow we've seen in quite a while. Ibizagrow's technique brought out the most amazing coloring and 89-grams of bud.

According to the grower:

"Fastberry was a delight to grow never really had to fix any problems, strong and healthy plants from get to. Only first plant down just now second comes down Monday. Left my flat with a great berry smell throughout. Cannot wait to grow this girl again."

Marquise_ao_sol's Green Crack

We've never seen our buds portrayed better than in Marquise_ao_sol's video. The fidelity makes it feel as if you can smell Green Crack's Mango notes through your screen.

The grower had this to say:

"This strain was very easy to grow. She can handle hot or cold. Variations on temp and hum. I thought that was very air buds but, she can make hard buds with a sativa strain and mango. Almost 100% sativa. Very happy. 0,8X0,8 meters, 150w CFL and 400w hps. Advanced nutrients sensigrow."

Zannabis7's Pineapple Express

Zannabis7's photography and videography skills are on full display in his video documenting his 680-gram Pineapple Express. He described his super-fast 7-week grow like this:

"The grow went really well with no issues whatsoever in terms of pH, PPMs, or lockouts. She started flowering in early week three (quite early) and as a result she didn't stretch much. The flowers were thick and dense with the main cola being approximately 3-4 inches in diameter. She was harvested at day 55 with 85% of the trichomes milky, 10% amber and 5% clear. She looks green at harvest because she was not flushed with straight water, but rather ripened with the suggested Nectar for the Gods methodology.

In terms of smoke, the first smoke session was through a nice Davinci IQ vaporizer. Taste was very pleasing with some nice fruity/tropical tasting terpenes and an aftertaste that was earthy, flowery, and citrusy. The high was very, very euphoric, with a nice even head and body high with increased auditory senses."

Thanks again to all who entered! Your passion took us all by surprise, and we can't wait to do this again. In the meantime, enjoy growing faster.