Instagram Suspends Fast Buds' Account

Instagram Suspends Fast Buds' Account

Created: 04.04.2018

Last night Instagram suspended the Fast Buds Instagram account. They haven't explained their reasoning, and we doubt they ever will, simply having a cannabis-related account is grounds for a ban on most social networks. This is seldom and imperfectly enforced, and the burden always seems to fall on businesses, like Fast Buds, in full accordance with the law. Fast Buds isn't the only seed bank Instagram has targeted, and we certainly won't be the last cannabis business to face this issue.

Fast Buds Ban

Over the past year, the team worked diligently to grow the feed to nearly 80,000 followers, and it's all gone with the press of a button. However, we're not finished yet! We'll build our following, and we'll do it even fast this time thanks to all of our Fast Buds Fans out there. Here's how you can help:

Follow the official Fast Buds account

@fast_buds_genetics - Our new official account. Follow for all the latest deals, giveaways, and contests!

Under no circumstances does Fast Buds ever sell our product through Instagram. If you've been contacted by someone claiming to represent Fast Buds and they offer to sell you seeds or something else via text message or Instagram DM, please let us know ASAP!

Join in our giveaways and contests and tell your friends. We'll continue posting. We can't thank all of our fans enough for their support and understanding. Let's keep making 2018 Fast Buds' best year yet!