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Elizabeth Bridges

Elizabeth Bridges

Elizabeth Bridges is a part-time freelance writer with a special interest in cannabis reform and a passion for spreading knowledge about this amazing plant. Her professional background — she holds a BSc in Computer Sciences — would seem an unlikely foundation for such a career twist, but, sadly, she was nudged in this direction by personal misfortune. When Elizabeth was in her 2nd year at London Metropolitan University, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Extensive online research of this illness and its inauspicious prognosis made Elizabeth aware for the first time in her life of what medical marijuana is and how it holds promise for a variety of serious and even life-threatening conditions. Combined with her knack for gardening, her interest in cannabis only grew and turned into a favorite hobby. Able to work from home and possessing many skills, Elizabeth writes almost as much as she codes, focusing not only on her pet subject — medical marijuana cultivation — but also on such topics as wellness and lifestyle for different websites. When not working, Elizabeth enjoys going to the gym, doing yoga, and, of course, gardening. She is a dedicated horticulturist who won a trophy in a local ornamental flowers competition in 2019.