James Reynolds

 a seasoned cultivator who is truly a legend in the world of cannabis cultivation

James Reynolds

 Cannabis Cultivation Institute of California

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James Reynolds is a seasoned cultivator who is truly a legend in the world of cannabis cultivation. James's skills were honed through some pretty intense training at the Cannabis Cultivation Institute of California, where he earned his certificate in Advanced Cannabis Cultivation Techniques.

After graduating, James went on to gain further hands-on experience through a highly sought-after internship at the Humboldt Cannabis Research Center (link: Humboldt Cannabis Research Center).
There, he had the privilege of working alongside some of the most renowned botanists and agronomists in the industry, refining his techniques and deepening his understanding of cannabis cultivation.

James's passion for sharing his expertise led him to teaching positions at some of the best institutions in the industry, including the University of Colorado Cannabis Studies Program (link: University of Colorado Cannabis Studies Program) and the Cannabis Cultivation Academy in Oregon (link: Cannabis Cultivation Academy).

As a faculty member, he developed comprehensive curriculum modules on sustainable cultivation practices and innovative cultivation techniques, helping to shape the next generation of cannabis cultivators.

 If you're looking for guidance, you can be sure that you're in the right place. James is the perfect person to help you succeed in your cannabis cultivation journey.