Apricot Auto and Papaya Cookies Auto: Our New World Champions

2 months ago
Apricot Auto claims Best Sativa, Papaya Cookies Auto takes 2nd for Best New Strain.
Apricot Auto and Papaya Cookies Auto: Our New World Champions

In a whirlwind of excitement and competition of the past weekend, the Autoflower World Cup 2024 came to its conclusion, with growers and enthusiasts alike eagerly awaiting the announcement of this year's champions. 


Here's a small video report from the Autoflower World Cup 2024.

This year's AWC event was bigger than ever, featuring a record-breaking 75 entries of top-notch autoflowers. The challenge was big, but our triumphs make the victory all the sweeter. 


Autoflower World Cup 2024: Awards Ceremony

Autoflower World Cup 2024: Awards Ceremony.

Amongst the contenders, our team secured not one, but two prestigious awards: Apricot Auto, grown by The Ganjaneer, securing 1st place for Best Sativa, and Sebastian Good's Papaya Cookies Auto getting 2nd place for Best New Strain.


Autoflower World Cup 2024: Fast Buds wins two prizes!

Renowned for its seductive aroma and potent effects, Apricot Auto presented to the competition by our grower The Ganjaneer captured the hearts of judges and connoisseurs alike.


The Ganjaneer receiving his prize for his Apricot Auto entry.

The strain's luscious apricot flavor, coupled with its potent effect and  exquisite terpenes, made it a clear standout among the competition.

Apricot Auto
5 out of 5
Very nice grow , ended up with nice dense buds , about 4 to 5 oz a plant. Cleaned and dried! Couldn’t be happier with results
Verified customer
Reviewed 6 March

Sebastian Good's Papaya Cookies Auto™, our new star strain that boasts up to 29% THC. also made waves at the competition, securing 2nd place in the fiercely contested Best New Strain category.


Sebastian Good receiving his prize for his Papaya Cookies Auto™ entry.

With its tantalizing blend of tropical fruit and sweet cookie dough flavors, Papaya Cookies Auto™ impressed judges with its unique profile and exceptional quality.


The Autoflower World Cup 2024 serves as a testament to the boundless creativity and talent within the industry. Each strain entered into the competition represents a labor of love and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in autoflowering cannabis cultivation. 


The thrill of this victory only fuels our excitement for the 2025 edition – we're already counting down the days!