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Growdiaries 8.8/10 with 10786 diaries on GrowDiaries
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Enzo Schillaci

Enzo Schillaci

Originally from Argentina, Enzo Schillaci grew up in Amazonas, Brazil where he found it to be a great place to study plants in general and organic cultivation. After getting into cannabis, he traveled the globe, learning as much as possible about the cannabis plant and cannabis cultivation. Later on, he worked in an outdoor crop while attending Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. A couple of months after graduating, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, and thanks to his experience, Enzo started working as a full-time cannabis writer, with several articles published on renowned websites such as High Times, CannabisTech, The Bluntness, Yahoo, and many more, with articles translated to Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese in different cannabis blogs and websites around the world. Currently, he works as a full-time cannabis writer at Fast Buds autoflowering genetics.
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