Purple Punch Auto

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Pokoj: Indoor | Outdoor
Rod: Feminized
Geny: -
Genetika: -
Kvetoucí: -
Sklizeň: -
Výška US: -
Výška EU: -
THC: -
CBD: -
Samokvetoucí: Yes
Coming soon


Glaukom, nevolnost, epilepsie, roztroušená skleróza, bolesti zad, PMS, Artritida, opar, revmatismus, Srpkovitá chudokrevnost, Expektorans, stres, Migrény, AIDS, nádory, astma

Ready for a knock-out? Introducing Fast Buds' Purple Punch Auto strain. Working from a clone of the original Purple Punch strain, Fast Buds is using its best-in-class autoflower genetics to create a new strain with all of the heavy hitting indica effects of the original. Sativa lovers best look elsewhere. Originally a cross between Larry OG and the medical classic Grand Daddy Purple, Fast Buds high-yield, high-THC Purple Punch Auto will deliver you a knock out blow, leaving you with a pleasant body buzz, hopefully on a comfortable couch. Whether you grow indoor or outdoor, our Purple Punch seeds will be for sale in 2019!


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