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Smoothie Auto

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ルーム: Indoor | Outdoor
ジェンダー: Feminized
遺伝子: Sativa/Indica
遺伝学: Somango x Blueberry
開花: 9 weeks
収穫: XL
高さ US: up to 50 inches
高さ EU: 80-110 cm
THC: Up to 24%
CBD: Low
オート開花: Yes
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Smoothie Auto is the result of a cross between Somango and Blueberry, and really brings out the best of both worlds; a well statured plant ideal for all types of growers. Reaching up to 23% THC, this strain delivers an uplifting giggly high. Not to mention its exceptionally fruity tastes making it an ideal choice for extractions.

Fast Buds’ labs have expertly used their 10 years of experience to meticulously hunt down the best phenos to create their latest and most fruit flavorsome strain, Smoothie Auto. Flavor chasers, treat your senses to the fruitiest sensimilla puree on the market. A gourmet blend of Blueberry and Somango, this Indica dominant strain will pleasantly surprise you with her juicy terps.

Firm lime green fluorescent buds will captivate cannabis connoisseurs. Like a moth, you’ll be drawn to this fire marijuana. Smooth and balanced between heady euphoria and relaxing physical effects. Ideal daytime stash and a very social smoke to take to the weekend session. Smoothie Auto is suited for small and large spaces alike due to its indica structure and trainability. A great candidate for SOG method as well. Microgrowers take note this strain is a very tasty option.
Similarly, for outdoor growers or even balcony growers, who must be stealthy, will find her to be a productive solution.

Perfect size in height and width with potential for big growth after some LST. It focuses its energy on forming a thick bulbous main cola while developing a few side branches. Mature plants typically peak in height between 60-110cm. In a fast and furious 8-9 weeks you’ll be ready to harvest plenty of fat sticky flavor country buds.

A creamy berry sorbet blended with ripe mangos, like an escape to a tropical island. Refreshing and packed with flavor, Smoothie Auto is a cocktail of fruity madness.

Top shelf feminized autoflowering seeds carefully tested to ensure the best quality. In Fast Buds, our seeds are meticulously selected and put through weeks of vigorous testing to maintain genetic perfection. They are specially packaged and stored under ideal temperatures and conditions to guarantee optimal preservation.


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