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Jorge Cervantes

A world-renowned publisher, writer and horticulturist.

Jorge Cervantes

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LinkedIn: @jorge-cervantes
Instagram: @jorgecervantesmj
Facebook: @JoCerv
Twitter: @JorgeCervantes
YouTube: @jorgecervantesmj

Jorge Cervantes boasts a career spanning 39 prolific years in the public eye. His extensive catalog of 50 books and DVDs, along with a plethora of articles, published under both his given name, George F. Van Patten, and his pseudonym, Jorge Cervantes, caters to a diverse global audience. 

Cervantes's book "Marijuana Horticulture," earned the revered title of "The Grow Bible" in 2000 among all kinds of cultivators. His wealth of knowledge and practical experience, along with his regular columns in esteemed publications such as High Times (USA) and Soft Secrets (Europe and Latin America) has served as a beacon for countless growers worldwide, empowering them to implement straightforward yet highly effective techniques for cultivating superior cannabis.