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Lydia Kibet

Lydia Kibet

Having witnessed the injustice of the war on drugs first-hand, Lydia Kibet is a strong supporter of cannabis legalization and a true believer in the many benefits of the plant. Over time, she has gained a deep knowledge of how the industry works and how cannabis is grown and processed, and—in the nomadic period of her life—she even worked a whole long season as a trimmer on a clandestine farm in Northern California. Lydia is finishing her part-time study for a bachelor’s degree at Teesside University, majoring in Aviation, Travel, and Tourism. It’s a perfect vocation for her sunny, outgoing disposition, and she wants to one day become a manager in the hospitality sector. But she would also like to pursue her passion for literature and creative writing. Meanwhile, she enjoys the thrill of seeing her content published online. Although still in her mid-twenties, she’s an experienced cannabis writer who has contributed to several industry-related publications. Definitely self-taught, but dedicated and curious, she has gained a solid theoretical knowledge of cannabis cultivation, both commercial and amateur, and done enough practical work to make her thumbs green and write assuredly on the subject. In her free time, Lydia enjoys parties, dancing, as well as swimming and going on long hikes.