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Delfina Nuñez

Delfina Nuñez

Delfina Nuñez comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied filmmaking. For the past few years, she's been traveling around the world through Asia, Europe, and America to gain knowledge in non-traditional ways. She invests herself in photography to actively observe her surroundings, journaling to keep track of her trace on the world, and arts and music for expression. Delfina considers herself a free spirit, and she likes to think that everything serves as a learning experience or form of knowledge, even the most diverse sources of information, objects, or situations. She will later use all of this gained knowledge in her different creations to try to obtain heterogeneous, yet the most accurate possible demonstrations or perspectives about a subject. When it comes to Delfina’s professional career, she hasn’t established a clear path yet, but it is certain to her that she’ll do anything and everything within her reach to get her where she wants to be, and that is making art, music or films. In the meantime, she’s been working as a blog writer and illustrator for Fast Buds since September 2020, where she’s glad to contribute her knowledge of cannabis from the curious stoner’s and experienced cultivator’s point of view. Currently, Delfina is based in Berlin, Germany.
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