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Blueberry Cheese Auto

Barney's Farm
9,99 €
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  • Ideal for beginners. Extremely resilient and easy to grow.
  • Your own medicine bush. Perfect for pain, insomnia, and stress management.
  • The original Blue Cheese in Auto version! Top-shelf flowers in as little as 70 days.
  • Berry cheesy. Experience the sweetest berry and most pungent cheese terps!
  • The best of both worlds. Hand-picked hybrid genetics, ideal for day and nighttime use.
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Radar Techniczny

Blueberry Cheese Auto
Bardzo gorąco
Bardzo zimny
Głównie Sativa
Głównie Indica
Bardzo mocny
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Specyfikacje techniczne

Parametr Wartość
Smak Spicy, Creamy Cheese, Blueberry
THC Aż do 16%
CBD Aż do 1.8%
Zbiór UE Wnętrzny 450 – 500 g/m2
Zbiór US wnętrzny 1.5 – 1.8 uncji/ft2
Zbiór US Wewnątrz 60 – 80 g/roślina
Zbiór UE Wewnątrz 2 – 3 uncji/roślina
Rozmiar XL
Wysokość EU 80 – 100 cm
Wysokość US 31 – 40 cali
Tygodnie Rozkwitnięcia 10 – 11 tygodni
Pokój W środku/Na zewnątrz
Płeć Feminizowane
Sativa/Indica Sativa 20% /Indica 80%
Genetyczny Cheese x Blueberry x Ruderalis
Typ Automatycznie kwitnące


The world-renowned Blue Cheese strain by Barney’s Farm now in autoflowering version! This easy-to-grow autoflower combines Cheese and Blueberry strains, offering growers one of the most unique flavors out there. Expect beautiful purplish flowers with a pungent terpene profile resembling spicy cheese and blueberry jam that’ll hypnotize your taste buds. With yields reaching up to 500gr/m2 and a maximum height of 100 cm, Blueberry Cheese Auto is the perfect choice for those looking for a long-lasting almost medicinal effect that’ll leave you stress-free and with a huge smile from side to side.

Bud Description 

Blueberry Cheese Auto seeds grow dense buds with oftentimes purplish hues and a thick layer of resin that gets completely covered in trichomes, giving them a gorgeous silvery look. Expect fat, medium-sized buds that reek of a delicious sour smell with a prominent sweet blueberry background that will overtake the whole room as you break the buds open.

Smoke Reports

With up to 16% THC  and 1.8% CBD, this hybrid variety allows users to experience the best of both worlds. Blueberry Cheese auto’s effects start as a joyful, uplifting, and giggly Sativa-like high that’ll leave you on your couch laughing at nothing. But don’t get fooled as this variety contains up to 1.8% CBD and as you continue to smoke, this heavy-hitting strain will show its Indica dominancy, leaving you completely happy, relaxed, and stress-free; The ideal strain for both day and nighttime use.

Plant Appearance 

The Blueberry Cheese Auto is not the biggest autoflower variety out there but it grows quite tall, growing up to 110cm in height, with a relatively compact structure and multiple side branches that can yield upwards to 500gr/m2. This strain is extremely easy to grow and will thrive in most climate conditions while developing really big and dense colas, with flowers stacked on top of each other which makes it a perfect choice for growers of all levels looking to get the largest yields from small plants.

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Grow Tips 

Make sure the substrate can properly drain and if it’s too compact, add one-third of perlite or coco fiber to help oxygenate the root zone and get healthier plant growth. Blueberry Cheese Auto by Barney’s Farm is extremely resilient and easy to grow, just make sure the temperatures don’t drop below 10 °C, keep it well-fed and you’ll have excellent results. Make sure to have your trim bin ready for trimming as the unique terpene profile makes for the most flavorful hash and extracts.


Thanks to the mouth-watering terpene profile of the parent plants, Blueberry Cheese Auto by Barney’s Farm tastes just like you would imagine. Expect a strong, pungent, almost rancid flavor on the inhale that gradually turns sweeter and sweeter as you exhale, unraveling the whole range of fresh berries and almost candy-like terps that’ll coat your whole mouth and leaving a unique sweet and sour aftertaste.

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Zbiory EU Na Wolnym Powietrzu
Wysokość EU
Tygodnie Rozkwitnięcia
Aż do 16%
450 – 500 g/m2
60 – 80 g/roślina
80 – 100 cm
10 – 11 tygodni
Sativa 20% /Indica 80%
Aż do 24%
450 – 600 g/m2
60 – 300 g/roślina
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Sativa 50%/Indica 50%

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Reviewed 12 April
Bluberry cheese auto
Love it and it is stinky only on its second week flower...
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