Enzo Schillaci

Blog writer and content creator for Fast Buds.

Enzo Schillaci

LinkedIn: @enzo-schillaci
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Through explorations of organic plant cultivation practices in Brazilian Amazonas, Enzo learned the delicate art of using organic methods to maximize cannabis yields and ensure the sustainability of resources, cutting down on wastage and costs.

Enzo's journey into the world of cannabis then took him across continents. He traveled extensively, absorbing as much as possible about the cannabis plant's growth, genetics, and care. His travels took him to Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California.

Here, he worked on an outdoor cannabis crop, immersing himself in practical cultivation while also indulging in some of the finest strains of weed. This Californian chapter added depth to his understanding of commercial cannabis cultivation, introducing him to advanced equipment, techniques, and the intricacies of cannabis breeding.

His compelling articles found a home on prominent platforms like High Times, CannabisTech, The Bluntness, and Yahoo.

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