Top 10 Autoflowering Strains To Grow Outdoors (2021)

09 April 2020
In this article you will discover the top 10 autoflowering strains to grow outdoors in 2020, helping you on your way to growing some incredible outdoor flowers.
09 April 2020
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Top 10 Autoflowering Strains To Grow Outdoors (2021)

One of the best traits about autoflowering Cannabis, is how these tough resilient plants can adapt to all climates allowing a grower to harvest top grade buds all year round.

Below are our top ten strains you should consider growing in 2020, so you can keep those curing jars full to the brim.

1. Orange Sherbet Auto

Big yields and even bigger flavors come to mind when talking about Orange Sherbet Auto.


A sativa dominant resin machine that produces aromas similar to fresh orange juice, sour tangerine mixed with sherbet. Her height can reach as tall as 150cm, making her one of the tallest autos we offer.


Orange Sherbet Auto

However, those with the outdoor growing space will be rewarded with abundant yields of 650gr/m2 ready to harvest in 9-10 weeks. Testing as high as 24% THC, the effects are uplifting, exhilarating, energizing with a deep creative edge.


Orange Sherbet Auto

Grow Tips

•  An extremely resinous cultivar that produces a great amount of sugar trim for making hash and extracts. 

•  She reacts very well to plant training such as low stress technique and pruning

•  Better suited for growers with unlimited growing space outdoors, as she has a tendency to grow tall.

2. Gelato Auto 

The ultimate strain when it comes to potency boasting a staggering 26%, combined with sweet, zesty, cookie dough and buttery ice cream make Gelato Auto a must-have.


Massive yields and a flowering time of 63 days make this cultivar a dream strain for commercial growers, as well as anyone who considers themselves a real flavor chaser.


Gelato Auto from our grower hawkbo from GrowDiaries

The effects are giggly, upbeat, and can end up with severe couch lock. A medium tall plant that performs superbly well in all types of climates.

Grow Tips

•  Due to her compact growth structure, It is a good idea to defoliate some of the fan leaves that may block the lower parts of the plant early on.

•  Be sure to have a good carbon filter when drying this strain out, as the aroma is very loud.

•  Another fabulous producer of high-grade sugar leaf that makes top-shelf hash and extracts.  

3. Wedding CheeseCake Auto 

Wedding CheeseCake Auto is a very potent strain that has an earthy, cookie dough terpene profile with hints of a fruit baked tart.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto
5 out of 5
Sinceramente si buscais calidad, produccion y potencia, no os lo penseis, felicidades a Fastbuds, cada variendad que teneis, merece la pena
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Reviewed 14 noviembre 2020

A very fast flowering hybrid that only takes 8-9 weeks from seed until harvest, meaning she is an excellent choice for commercial growers, and those looking to achieve multiple harvests throughout the year.


Wedding CheeseCake Auto

THC levels are 22% and the effects are deeply relaxing and better suited for smokers with a higher tolerance.


Wedding CheeseCake Auto from our grower hawkbo from GrowDiaries

Expect big yields of chunky buds that display lime green hues with a touch of magenta and pinks that can be up to 600gr/m2.


Wedding CheeseCake Auto

Grow Tips

•  We recommend this cultivar for growers who experience short summers and need a fast flowering, tough strain. 

•  Hash makers and extractors will be able to make incredible products with Wedding CheeseCake Auto. 

•  Growers in a hot climate can harvest this strain every 2 months with excellent results.

4. Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto has unbelievably sticky buds and a THC level of 24%, making her a hash makers dream. A very large-sized plant that is capable of enormous yields in 9-10 weeks with a very unique pine, citrus, diesel taste.

Gorilla Auto
5 out of 5
Me gusta mucho porque no crece a lo alto sino a lo ancho además siempre obtengo muy buena producción haciendo un poco de LST
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Reviewed 9 noviembre 2020

Her effect is extremely potent and not only are her buds as sticky as glue. She has the ability to leave you glued to your sofa.


Gorilla Glue Auto from our grower TheWeedMan from GrowDiaries

Well recommended for outdoor growing as she can stay as low as 60-100cm, meaning this cultivar is an ideal choice for a sunny terrace or private balcony.


Gorilla Glue Auto from our grower BlackVeined from GrowDiaries

Grow Tips

•  Adding support to the side branches will help the plant focus on growing dense buds.

•  Highly resistant to colder climates and powdery mildew. 

•  This cultivar reacts very well to being tied down during the early stages.

5. Original Auto OG Kush

An easy to grow indica dominant hybrid that will grow medium-sized, produce thick, dense buds that have a serious pungency packing 23% THC.


Our most potent autoflowering strain that can be harvested after 9 weeks, making her an ideal choice for growers who experience short summers and cold winters.


Original Auto OG Kush from our grower fish88 from GrowDiaries

Her terpene profile is a combination of pine, citrus with dank overtones that made Original Auto OG Kush such a favorite for flavor chasers. Fast flowering and large yielding strain that has the power to keep you in dreamland.


Original Auto OG Kush

Grow Tips

•  This strain can thrive during cold nights and will have high resilience to mold and powdery mildew.

•  She enjoys large amounts of nutrients and can take a higher E.C than most autos.

•  Be careful when flowering Original Auto OG Kush outdoors, as her aroma is very loud and pungent.

6. Purple Lemonade

When it comes to sweet citrusy, lemon flavors then Purple Lemonade is the one. Thanks to a cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics it makes this indica dominant hybrid our best purple genetic yet. 


Her terpene profile is a wonderful mixture of citrus and fruity flavors, with an uplifting and euphoric high at first, then degrading in a more physical one.


Purple Lemonade from our grower bigdaddyk from GrowDiaries

With 22% THC level this variety is an ideal choice for relaxing at night or even during the day. It is fast flowering and very easy to grow. Perfect for beginner growers as she is low maintenance, yet will reward you with yields of up to 500gr/m2.


Purple Lemonade from our grower hawkbo from GrowDiaries

Grow Tips

• This girl grows with long inter-nodal distance so it is a perfect choice for low stress training techniques. 

• Nutrients are not essential for her well-being but with good quality nutrients and proper usage, it will reinforce her even more. 

• This strain is strong and will grow vigorously, doing well both indoors and outdoors.

7. Original Auto Amnesia Haze

The world’s favorite Haze is now in autoflowering form, producing huge yields in just 10 weeks. One of the taller strains we offer, growing as tall as 150cm, meaning this girl grows big and wide expressing her sativa heritage. 

Amnesia Haze Auto
5 out of 5
Muy sorprendido nunca cultive una sativa tan rápido y con tanta resina! un efecto muy sativo con un olor a haze espectacular!
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Reviewed 27 octubre 2020

The buds will be large-sized and have the classic floral, citrus, orange, and tangerine terpenes that make Amnesia so delicious. THC levels are 22% so expect this strain to keep you energized and in a creative mindset for hours. 


Original Auto Amnesia Haze from our growers elchicodelaweed from GrowDiaries

We recommend adding plant additional support to help support the weight of the buds and growers in tropical climates can achieve amazing results.


Original Auto Amnesia Haze by our grower Satori_Hanso from GrowDiaries

Grow Tips

•  Tying plants down and using the L.S.T technique will increase yields further, as well as additional support.

•  Using bamboo canes or a screen net to help support the heavy yielding side branches will prevent buds from dropping to the floor under the excess weight.

•  Thanks to her aggressively fast and large-sized structure, we recommend this strain to growers with previous experience with Sativa cultivars. 

8. Original Auto Jack Herer

A very short, fast flowering sativa dominant hybrid that is excellent for keeping discreet when growing outdoors. 


Despite her height, she has a very impressive yield and thanks to her 9-week flowering time, commercial growers will find this strain to be a great choice. 

Original Auto Jack Herer from our grower elchicodelaweed from GrowDiaries

Her buds are long and thick, with frosty calyxes stacking up in traditional sativa fashion.


Original Auto Jack Herer from our grower ElChicoDelaWeed from GrowDiaries

Her terpenes are a complex combination of sweet, peppery, fruity, and spicy, and the effect is well balanced with an alert, focused, and clear mindset. 

Grow Tips

•  Growing this strain in a Sea of Green works very well and allows you to maximize the growing space.

•  An excellent choice for growers who live in colder climates, thanks to her resistance to pathogens and mold.

•  Hash makers and extractors will find this cultivar to be highly rewarding.

9. Zkittlez Auto

Zkittlez Auto is the latest flavor that everyone loves and now we offer it in an autoflowering form that produces epic yields.

Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
Nunca antes cultivé nada igual, cada bocanada parece tener sabores nuevos que vas descubriendo mientras lo vas disfrutando, muy recomendable!
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Reviewed 9 noviembre 2020

Her terpenes will range from tropical, ripe berries to candy overtones and the taste is similar to a fruit cocktail. She will grow as tall as 100cm and thanks to her mix of indica and sativa genetics, expect plants to grow wide with a heavy, bushy appearance.


Zkittles Auto by our grower hawkbo from GrowDiaries

The effects will keep you buzzed, upbeat, giggly, and in a happy state of mind, making this cultivar a perfect strain for social scenarios.

Grow Tips

•  A tough and resilient hybrid that will perform very well in all weather. 

•  Use a screen or net to support the huge buds when flowering begins. 

•  Feed only water for the final two weeks to ensure the ultimate Zkittlez Auto taste.

10. Original Auto Northern Lights

For those who are looking for a knock out potency, big yields, superb resistance to cold weather, low maintenance and an easy to grow autoflowering cultivar, then look no further. 

Northern Lights Auto
5 out of 5
Si estás buscando una planta con buena producción de flores y resina, bingo! esta es tu planta! gracias equipo fastbuds
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Reviewed 9 noviembre 2020

Original Auto Northern Lights is an old school gem that will produce dense, golf ball-sized nugs in only 63 days.


Original Auto Northern Lights from our grower pharmaZ from GrowDiaries

When growing this lady will display her indica dominance by growing short internodal spacing and growing to a medium height. The flavor is earthy, fruity, pepper, and spicy with savory overtones.


Original Auto Northern Lights from our grower pharmaZ from GrowDiaries

Grow Tips

•  An excellent strain for Sea of Green setups, due to her uniform growth structure.

•  Well recommended for growers who live in colder, rainy climates.

•  Highly resistant to insects, pathogens, and mold.