What Is Sativa And Its Effects

Cannabis sativa is the most famous cannabis species and delivers the effect most people look for: a nice cerebral high.
22 May 2020
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What Is Sativa And Its Effects

  • 1. The history of sativa
  • 2. Sativa’s characteristics
  • 3. The effects of sativa
  • 4. In conclusion

Sativa is the most known species of cannabis. Its effects are what people usually think of when thinking about smoking cannabis, a strong cerebral with a nice uplifting and sometimes euphoric high. Sativas are usually high in THC and are what almost all cannabis consumers look after.

1. The History Of Sativa

The Cannabis Sativa species was first classified by Carl Linnaeus in 1753.

This plant is indigenous to places with hot climates and developed in places like Thailand, Africa, Colombia, and Mexico. Because of the hotter climates, Sativas have developed taller and thinner than other cannabis species.


What Is Sativa And Its Effects: History of Sativa

Compared to other cannabis species Sativas usually develop taller and thinner.

It has been cultivated throughout history not only for the psychoactive effects but also as a source of fiber, oil, and medicine.

In some countries, cannabis Sativa was and still is used as part of religious rituals, being considered a necessity to practice their religious beliefs.

2. Sativa’s Characteristics

Cannabis Sativa plants are the opposite of Indicas. 

Sativa will grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. The leaves will be a lighter shade of green and while being thinner, the leaves will usually have more “fingers”.

Usually, Sativas need more light to grow and take more time, the buds produced by Sativa varieties have little to zero CBD and high THC levels.


What Is Sativa And Its Effects: Characteristics of Sativa

Due to being from tropical places, they can withstand hotter climates and high humidity.

Main Characteristics:

•  Tall and with scattered leaves, usually growing between 150-300cm or more.

•  Buds are long and less dense.

•  Resistant to hot climates and high humidity.

3. The Effects Of Sativa

Sativa’s usually is high in THC and delivers a very cerebral head high.

Its uplifting effects are great for people looking to enhance creative activities, such as painting and writing, or even hanging out with friends.

Even though it is referred to as recreational cannabis, the head high Sativa’s deliver can also be useful in treating attention disorders because of its ability to increase focus.


What Is Sativa And Its Effects: Sativa Plant

Sativa’s usually is high in THC and delivers a very cerebral head high.

Nowadays almost every strain has a bit of Sativa in it, this is because breeders want to increase THC levels, this means you can get the cerebral effect a Sativa usually delivers with almost every hybrid available out there.

Obviously, there can be slight changes in the number of cannabinoids and terpenes and this can have an influence on the effect but almost all hybrids have a little bit of Sativa genetics, and this surely passes onto the effect.

4. In conclusion

Sativas are the most sought after species out there. Even though it takes longer to flower and will usually yield less, the unique effect is something cannabis consumers love. Sativas with a more pure lineage will have effects that can be described as psychedelic almost.

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Other Sativas that have Indica in their lineage will deliver an uplifting effect that will slowly change into a more relaxing body high. 

Nowadays there are hybrids for the like of everyone, it’s just a matter of finding it. 

22 May 2020