1)  What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds grow to harvest in less than half of the time of traditional "photoperiod" strains. They are especially useful in milder climates, and for growers with limited vertical space indoors. The plants bloom by themselves, without the grower having to worry about controlling the light schedule.  

Be sure to check out our All About Autoflowers series for more info!


2)  Why are Fast Buds autoflowers superior?

Bottom line: You can grow more, faster. But it's not just that. Fast Buds has invested years of intensive research and breeding to select the most desirable traits for our autoflowers, from growth to taste, aroma, effect, and much more.


3)  Where is Fast Buds located?

We have offices, distributors, and representatives in Los Angeles, Latin America, the EU, and Eastern Europe.


4)  Where does Fast Buds ship from?

We ship from our offices in Barcelona, Spain. Our distributors ship from various locations around the world.  You can find our ever-growing list of distributors hereIf you don’t see your country listed during the order process, our global distributors can probably meet your needs.


5)  Making an order to the Canary Islands?

Please choose the Canary Islands in the country list instead of Spain.
Also,  please include your DNI number, as this is mandatory for deliveries to these islands.


6)  Making an order to Guernsey, Isle of Man or Jersey?

Please make sure you don’t choose the United Kingdom in the country list.


7)  Making an order to South America?

Our team in Chile will process and ship your order from Santiago.
If you have any questions about delivery times or the status of your order, please contact them directly by sending them an email to [email protected].


8) Does Fast Buds sell good medical marijuana (MMJ) seeds?

We make no specific claims regarding medical conditions and treatment with cannabis. However, medical growers around the world use Fast Buds’ to help their patients. We try to provide both THC and CBD levels in our product descriptions to help you find the strain with the cannabinoid profile right for your condition. The state of cannabis medicine and science is constantly changing. Verify any medical claims you read with a trusted source. We recommend erowid.org, which has been the internet's most trusted source of information on medicinal plants like cannabis for over fifteen years.


9)  How can I contact you about an issue with my order?

We’re here for you! Just email [email protected] and please include your order number and full name in the subject line. 


10)  Can I get in trouble if I grow seeds in my backyard? 

We advise you to check your national and local laws to confirm what’s legal in your country and/or state.



11)  Can I return my seeds or get a refund/replacement?

We do not accept returns, due to the fact they fall under the category of " Items that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly", but we do offer replacements in certain cases, as described below. We do not guarantee anything during the cultivation phase. These plants are living creatures whose growth can be impacted by thousands of different factors after germination. Not every plant grows the same.

12)  What's the germination warranty?

Our warranty covers initial seed failure, when germination does not occur. In such cases write to [email protected] and please include your order code & full name in the subject header, attach a photo of everything you received, and briefly explain how you attempted to germinate the seed(s). 

13)  What are our delivery times?

Orders are posted within 24-48 hours of receiving payment. Delays may occur due to public holidays, flight cancellations, bad weather, or airline/airport/postal strikes. Approximate delivery times are:

 Regular AirMail Express Courier
 Europe: Not available Europe:  1-3 working days
Rest of world:   Up to 28 days   Rest of world:   Up to 14 days


 14)  How can I tell if you received my order?

When you place an online order, all details are automatically saved to our database. You'll receive a confirmation email (if you don't see anything in your inbox, look in your spam filter.) You can log in to the Fast Buds website at any time to check your order status. Within 24 hours of shipment, you'll receive a notification email, and the order status will be updated.

15)  How can I pay?

 VISA/Mastercard Immediate purchase Generally accepted from all of Europe, but may not be accepted from non-EU banks
 Wire transfer Need to wait 2/3 working days for processing Will work for almost every country
 Bitcoin Immediate purchase Will work with every purchase, highly discreet



1)  I am a first-time grower. Is this going to work?

Our seeds are suitable for beginners and pros alike! They require very little maintenance for respectable yields. For best results, experiment carefully with different conditions and techniques.

2)  How do I germinate my seeds?

Check out our Germination Guide.

3)  If I live in a mild climate, will this affect my crops?

Our autoflowers are all capable of maturing within the space of even a short summer of 2-3 months.

4)  Should I grow my plant indoors or outdoors?

All of our strains can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but if you have decent indoor conditions, yield will almost always be superior. The most important factors are lighting and nutrients, both of which are easier to control inside.

5)  How much do autoflowering strains yield?

The bud yield from autoflower plants will vary depending on the specific strain, as well as the grow conditions (soil, light, etc.) and the grower's skill. Our strains can achieve between 400–750 g/m2 of bud indoors, and between 100-350 g/plant outdoors.


6)  How can autoflowering yields be improved?

We can't endorse any particular techniques, as every grower's setup and skill-set is different. One of the advantages of autoflower strains is that they require less maintenance, and using advanced methods to improve yields can easily backfire and end up producing less. One thing we do explicitly caution against is transplanting your plant (e.g., moving an indoor plant outside.) Autoflowering strains mature so quickly that they don't have the time to recover from the shock of transplantation before harvest.

7)  Can’t grow all my seeds now, how do I store them?

You should keep seeds refrigerated between 8-12 ºC (45-55 ºF.) Where there is no fridge, keep seeds away from light and humidity, and as close as possible to the temperatures mentioned. Refer to our cannabis seed storage guide for more information.