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California's finest strains. Only autoflowering hybrids. 10 years in the game. Top shelf quality.
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2019 Lineup

Purple Lemonade

The best purple strain we’ve ever created
Purple Lemonade Photo
2019 Lineup

Gelato Auto logo

The most powerful autoflower we've ever created. Lab tested, up to 26% THC and distinct Ice cream flavors.
Gelato Auto photo
2019 Lineup

CBD Auto 20:1

Pure Medicine
CBD Auto 20:1 Photo
blackberry Autophoto
2019 Lineup

Autoflower Cannabis Cup Winner

Our crew took home 1st place in the flower category at the first ever Autoflower Cup in Oregon. This is your chance to try this champion strain.
2019 Lineup

Smoothie Autoflowering

The most awarded strain in our catalog. Highly recommended for extractions.
Smoothie Autoflowering winner Shop
Auto Smoothie Photo
2019 Lineup

Zkittlez Autoflowering

The best strain Fast Buds breeders have ever created! It’s the new standard of quality for autoflower genetics.
Zkittlez Auto photo
Gorilla Glue Autoflowering photo
Best Seller 2018

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering

2018’s “Platinum” strain, more than a million sold all over the world!
2019 Lineup

Lemon AK Autoflowering

Bred from the oh-so-famous AK-47, this Lemon strain beats its predecessor, becoming 2019’s highest THC Autoflower.
Auto Lemon AK Photo

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