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Xmas 2021
Xmas 2021

Wedding Cheesecake Auto

Chunky large sized buds covered in trichomes: A Slice of Cannabis Heaven
Wedding Cheesecake Auto Photo
Orange Sherbet Auto Photo

Orange Sherbet Auto

Super sour, orange flavored terp monster that hash makers and extractors will fall in love with.

Strawberry Pie Auto

The Frostiest Buds We’ve Ever Created, boasting an insane 26% THC level and deliciously complex flavors.
Strawberry Pie Auto Photo

Gorilla Cookies Auto

The Stickiest Cookies in the Game
Gorilla Cookies Auto Photo

Lemon Pie Auto

Lip-Smackin’ Lemon Lush: An exceptionally bittersweet deliciousness with a formidable 24% THC.
Lemon Pie Auto Photo

Purple Lemonade

The best purple strain we’ve ever created
Purple Lemonade Photo

Gelato Auto logo

The most powerful autoflower we've ever created. Lab tested, up to 26% THC and distinct Ice cream flavors.
Gelato Auto photo

Zkittlez Autoflowering

The best strain Fast Buds breeders have ever created! It’s the new standard of quality for autoflower genetics.
Zkittlez Auto photo
blackberry Autophoto
2019 Lineup

Autoflower Cannabis Cup Winner

Our crew took home 1st place in the flower category at the first ever Autoflower Cup in Oregon. This is your chance to try this champion strain.

Haze Auto

The world’s favorite Haze…
Original Amnesia Haze Auto

Lights Auto

Incredibly resilient and low maintenance indica dominant delight
Original Northern Lights Auto

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Why choose Fast Buds?

1. Our seed bank.

Fast Buds is a long-serving autoflower breeder and one of the best seed banks in the market, our focus is autoflowers and we do it with real passion and dedication. We are proud of having a diverse and multicultural team determined to make our unique autoflowering seeds catalog available all over the world. If you can’t find your country in the shipping options, don’t worry, we have over 840 distributors all over the world.

2. Our genetics.

Our seed bank is the result of many years of research and high breeding standards which have been perfected over time. Fast Buds' autoflowering strains have been selected through a high-standard breeding process, resulting in a selection of top-notch autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our genetics are a reflection of our hard work and sweat, they have been carefully bred to ensure growers are getting the best of both worlds. Our seed bank offers high-yielding resilient cannabis plants that produce top-shelf buds while keeping the autoflowering trait which will allow you to grow all year long in less than 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

3. Payment Options.

If you’re looking for autoflowering genetics from the best seed bank, now you can purchase them online with Fast Buds. Our payment system accepts credit cards from all over the world, it accepts Visa and Mastercard, we also accept Wire transfers and Bitcoin. If you want to make a more discreet payment you can also pay for your cannabis seeds with cash, using our Cash-on-delivery option.

4. Growing Autoflowering Cannabis.

In the Fast Buds blog page, you can find a big variety of articles that will help you throughout the cultivation process. No matter if you are a beginner or have grown before, we guarantee our blog has something that will keep you informed and updated on what goes on in the cannabis world. If you’re a beginner and need help with the process of cannabis cultivation or need any other question answered, there are several ways you can contact us. The Fast Buds team is always available to answer your questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact page or by sending an email to [email protected].

5. Discreet shipping options.

We want to provide our customers with an efficient and secure delivery so all of our products come in a discreet package. If you want to be more cautious, you can opt for extra Stealth packaging.

6. Free Cannabis Seeds.

To make your online experience with the Fast Buds seed bank even better, you will receive a special gift with every purchase on our web site. We will include free seeds with every online order, the more you buy, the more you’ll get! If you want to be up-to-date with our latest promotions, Sign up to our newsletter now and you'll receive exclusive deals and discounts every week.

7. 100% Germination warranty.

As an experienced breeder, Fast Buds always makes sure that all of the seeds are thoroughly tested before entering the market, this is why we guarantee a 98% germination rate. Have in mind that seeds are living things and their viability can be influenced by the environment they’re stored in. In the case of a seed failing to germinate you should contact us by filling out our warranty form and we’ll send you a replacement free of charge!