LSD-25 Auto

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2rd Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas
Room: Indoor | Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genes: Mostly Indica
Genetics: LSD autoflowering
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: XL
Height US: up to 40 inches
Height EU: 70 - 120 cm
THC: High
CBD: Low
Autoflowering: Yes
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Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, Stress, Migraines, AIDS, Tumors, Asthma

Crossing our autoflower genetics with the legendary strain LSD was no easy task. After years of R&D, we finally came across the perfect blend to bring to our fans. Our LSD-25 seeds produce high-THC, low-CBD buds with all the trippy effects of the original, but with the addition of purple coloring that make this the crown jewel of the Fast Buds strain catalog.

Taste & Aroma

Diesel & smoked wood. These harsher flavors will mellow out with proper curing, giving you a rich, full-bodied flavor.

LSD-25 Review

Make no mistake, our LSD-25 strain is a heavy indica-dominant hybrid, despite the trippy name. The body high will hit you first, but slowly, sativa influenced psychedelic mind expansion and thought loops will take hold. Smoke enough and minor visual effects will make themselves known. All these effects seem to last just a tad bit longer than most other strains, so, even if you're the king of THC, we advise a bit of caution. Psychonauts will find this strain well worth the price of admission.

How It Grows

LSD-25 is easy to grow and requires no extraordinary attention or care, making this a great variety for first-time growers. It'll forgive inexperience and mistakes, and offer you a lovely purple bouquet at the end. The stable genetics mean this strain will whither pH swings, light schedule changes, low or high temperatures, and irregular and feeding, and still give you the buds you're looking for. The one thing this LSD-25 strain needs a lot of is water. The strain is a real gulper whether your crowing in coco, hydro, or soil. Plants reach 70 to 120 cm in height (2.2 – 4 ft).

The LSD-25 yield will grow in response training, creating a plant with compact branches that'll grow massive buds when tied down. Eight weeks is all it takes to run from LSD-25 seeds to harvest, making its flower some of the fastest Fast Buds around. As seen in all the strains for sale in our catalog, LSD-25 is good for cultivation outdoor, in greenhouses, and indoor.  She tolerates adverse soil conditions. 

There’s a reason why this is our team’s personal favorite and will hopefully be yours too! 


Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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Pros: Monster plant over a metre in hieght
Cons: Taking longer than 8weeks
I have 1 lsd in the tent she is in a 60/40 ratio of canna and terraplus medium in a 10ltr smart pot and she is well over a metre tall and has began flowering around the 8week mark I am now on week 13 and still she is bud building no purple or anything yet either will update when she has Finnished really happy with the plant though, have uploaded a pic of her just after she started flowering will post more when she's Finnished
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@iFinn Bikkjenn,Hello i just got this strain and i'm wondering...i don't like diesel smell as i find it too strong for my taste, i rather handle a sweet indica. Some growers report sweet citrus-like smell while you guys state diesel-wood. I might try sweet flavoring bloom nutes for candy smell flowers and see if that works.
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@Jose Luis Martin,Lsd 25, gran planta,muy buen sabor,y sus colores,es preciosa. Muy acertada.Semillas de mucha calidad. siguiente Girl Scout Cookies.
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@KJayD,What a amazing strain looks crazy smells like berries or grape juice..Will be ordering more of this strain soon!
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@Nosias,First time growing FB. The LSD-25 is a treat to grow and to watch it develop. I am using Auto Pots with a 400 Watt ChilLED Tech light in a 5 x 5 x 7 Tent.
She is just over 12" tall. I have tied down the top so looks like this as seen in the pic. The smell is a wonderful blueberry. She is 54 days old and most of her trichomes are cloudy. Just wanted to let you know just how happy I am.
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