FastBuds AboutFastBuds About
Fast Buds was born on a smoky Friday evening with two long-time pals.
We knew something was severely lacking in the cannabis industry. It led us to try to explore a way to produce up to 4 crops per year. That was the moment the light bulb suddenly went off to cross autoflowers with some of America’s most popular strains. The rest is history and FastBuds began its journey ever since…
Something that started as a two-man closet company has rapidly grown into a large international company with representation in North America, South America, Europe, and Eastern Europe. Being in the epicenter of the cannabis seed industry, we have developed relationships with some of the finest growers from all parts of the world.
Founded in 2010, Fast Buds had one primary goal in mind: to present people with the most favorable genetics in the shortest amount of time. And there was no better place to get such quality than from the sunny hills of California.
Year by year, we have been honored with multiple awards from competitions all over the world as possessing some of the best autos ever produced. Since then, our brand has been recognized by many of our counterparts in the industry. Additionally, our research has produced some of the highest CBD strains we have ever seen, and we are hopeful that it will also show promise in answering some of the toughest medical questions in modern medicine.
FastBuds CatalogFastBuds Catalog
We continue to travel all over the world to participate in the world’s biggest cannabis events.
Each event we attended has given us the opportunity to meet our customers directly and show them how much we appreciate them. These kinds of moments fill us with the kind of motivation to be working harder to improve our products by offering bigger, stronger, and more powerful strains.
Every single seed has gone through extremely careful attention to guarantee quality in every stage of its existence. Our competent team continues to search for our next biggest hit strain…
You also have a chance to help us with our search!
Got an idea for a flavor? Send them to [email protected].