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Fast Buds Autoflowering Genetics

Everything started 12 years ago, long before becoming Fast Buds. Back then, autoflowers weren’t very popular but Fast Buds founders saw huge potential in this new type of cannabis genetics so they started experimenting with autoflower genetics under the roof of their own garage.

Up to this point we didn’t have a name yet but luckily, because of the speed and huge potential, “Fast Buds” came naturally as it was the first thing that came to our minds. We continued to learn, research, and experiment for a couple of years until in 2012 our first five autoflower genetics, Crystal Meth, G14, Mexican Airlines, Northern Express, and C4matic, were made available on the newly released Fast Buds website.

The Team

Everything started 12 years ago, long before becoming Fast Buds. Back then, autoflowers weren’t very popular but Fast Buds founders saw huge potential in this new type of cannabis genetics so they started experimenting with autoflower genetics under the roof of their own garage.

 <h2>The Team</h2>

Gaining Recognition

Once fully established, our team had a long and challenging road ahead since there were already many Dutch and Spanish seed banks offering excellent products.

Nevertheless, American genetics were something completely new and unknown for European growers so it was just a matter of time until we signed our first distribution contracts in 2014 and Fast Buds genetics started appearing in different stores all over the EU.

As growers started experimenting with our seeds and realized the obvious advantages of modern autoflowers things started changing fast. 2015 was one of the most important years in the history of Fast Buds. At the beginning of the year we released one of our best-selling autoflowers all around the world - Girl Scout Cookies Auto. At this moment we already were recognized as the first company to bring American genetics in autoflower form to Europe. A couple of months later we attended our first international cannabis event and presented our genetics to growers all over the world at Spannabis. The event went so well that Fast Buds started participating in the most important cannabis fairs and events visiting countries like Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic, and many others, making a presence and drawing attention all over Europe.

The next notorious release was our Gorilla Glue Auto in 2016, which became a huge success in just a couple of months, and up to this day is being recognized as the best-selling autoflower of all times. But the huge success was only just starting.

 <h2>Gaining Recognition</h2>
 <h2>International Partnerships</h2>

International Partnerships

The word quickly spread around and further expansions were inevitable. We noticed a huge demand from South American growers that were trying to get their hands on our autoflowering strains. On one of his trips to Chile our CEO Stan met Mr. Cristian Medina, a well-known cannabis entrepreneur. Their friendship marked the start of a new great partnership giving us the opportunity to participate in the most important trade shows in South America and to open our first office in Santiago de Chile.

Eventually after our first event in Toronto, Canada, in 2017 we signed a great partnership with Xotic Genetics, giving us an opportunity to slowly expand to North America. A couple of months later we were back in the States at our first ever Hightimes Cannabis Cup in San Francisco where we were able to partner with several renowned seed banks in California and Oregon.

Award-Winning Genetics

Thanks to the Fast Buds team who has been working day and night to create the best autoflowering strains on the market, our hard work was paying off. In 2019 our Blackberry Auto took 1st place at the Autoflower Cup in Oregon, USA.

Overall, since 2016 we have won over 20 different prizes and awards in different cannabis events internationally, including:

  • Copa Secreta - 2015, Chile.
  • Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas - 2016, 2017, 2018 Chile.
  • Best Seedbank - India/Sativa Trade 2022
  • Best Autoflower  - Cosecha Cup 2022
  • Best Sativa Strain - Autoflowering World Cup 2022 for Gorilla Punch Auto
  • Best Autoflowering Seed Bank - Growdiaries Poty Cup 2022

Before realizing it, we were stocked in +1000 shops in more than 35 countries and our strains were still winning lots of awards in international cannabis fairs, rapidly becoming the most talked-about autoflower seed bank in the world.

 <p>Award-Winning Genetics</p>

What’s The Secret?

In short, there’s no secret recipe, what makes us the best out there is our passion. It takes time and dedication, and most important of all, being able to identify and select the best genetics to start with. Our advantage back in the days was the access to the best modern Californian genetics, which were almost impossible to find and connoisseur breeders could only dream about. So we took a chance and started working hard.

With autoflowers it’s all about plant selection, different breeders prioritize different characteristics during the selection and we have our own standards. We focus on selecting the biggest, strongest, and overall best genetics based on our years of experience. So yes, the best genetics are the most important part of autoflower breeding and what makes us stand out is that we won’t settle for anything other than perfection.

 <h2>What’s The Secret?</h2>

The Autoflower Community

Fast Buds has come a long way since 2010. The support and feedback from the autoflower community have helped us shape and establish our goals. We’ve learned a lot from our mistakes and have perfected our autoflower breeding so we are more prepared than ever.

Finally our hard work started to pay off. Our next big release, Gelato Auto finally got the recognition it deserved. With up to 26% THC it made a huge splash by becoming the most potent autoflower on the market and got mentioned by several cannabis magazines in the world. And in 2021 Fast Buds reached a peak point, being considered the biggest autoflower seed bank in the world with more than 1000 points of sales on all the continents.

But this wouldn’t be possible without you, so we’d like to thank our loyal fans and clients who have given us the opportunity to focus strictly on autoflower breeding and expand our genetic collection, making it possible to improve our strains year after year while maintaining the same quality standard for all future products.

Fast Buds truly believes autos haven’t reached their full potential yet and there’s still much more to learn about them. We wish the best for the entire autoflower community and hope it continues to blossom, that’s why one of our main goals is to provide excellent customer service, personally guiding our clients through the entire process from seed to harvest.

 <h2>The Autoflower Community</h2>

What Does the Future Hold for Fast Buds?

The new wave of cannabis legalization is coming and we are working harder than ever. The pandemic was tough for all of us but it also gave us the chance to focus all our time on establishing bigger and better production facilities in different countries, allowing us to dedicate more time to our investigation and prove to the world the true potential of autoflower genetics.

More than that, we want to do our part in helping our community grow, therefore we’re constantly working on our own independent research on autoflowering genetics. This inspired us to create our own scholarship program that will focus on educating and learning about the endless benefits of cannabis along with collaborations with cannabis-related educational centers. On top of that, years of experience allowed us to put together an extensive online library available in more than 10 languages.

We truly believe we offer the best seeds in the autoflowering seed market and the results are out there for everyone to try. We will continue to do so for as long as we can, always keeping our main goal in mind: changing the world’s perception of cannabis and being the best in what we do, one seed at a time.

<h1>Fast Buds Autoflowering Genetics</h1>
 <h2>What Does the Future Hold for Fast Buds?</h2>