10 Best Autoflowering Strains For Hot Climates 2023

13 March 2023
This autoflowers withstand heat and are highly resilient giving you an advantage when growing outdoors.
13 March 2023
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10 Best Autoflowering Strains For Hot Climates 2023

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  • 1. Wedding glue auto
  • 2. Bruce banner auto
  • 3. Original amnesia haze auto
  • 4. Strawberry gorilla auto
  • 5. Tangie auto
  • 6. Amnesia zkittlez auto
  • 7. Orange sherbet auto
  • 8. Blue dream auto
  • 9. Forbidden runtz auto
  • 10. Original white widow auto
  • 11. In conclusion

When growing outdoors you have to work with what you have, there’s no way to control nature. This is why it’s highly recommended to start with the upper hand and choose autoflowering strains that can withstand higher temperatures. Generally speaking, you should go for Sativa-dominant hybrids as they can withstand hotter climates easily but if you’re having issues deciding what to grow next, in this article we’ll help you choose an autoflower with high resistance to heat and slightly dry climates for your 2023 grow cycle.

1.  Wedding Glue Auto

The perfect cross between two extremely powerful automatic strains, Wedding Glue Auto is an Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a blend of Indica and Sativa genetics, only taking 9 - 10 weeks to be harvested and with a THC level of up to 26%. She is perfect if you want a strain that will deliver in all climates, she can withstand long dry periods and has a strong resistance to harsher climates.


Wedding Glue Auto
5 out of 5
Easy grow and she wants to live calmag poisoned her and two others I was on to it quick she is super sticky starting week 9 time of photo
Verified customer
Reviewed 18 April 2022


This autoflower will grow tall and range between 70-120cm (28-47in), producing one main cola and long side branches, her buds will be very large and dense encrusted in crystals, giving her a very sticky feel. With an extremely earthy, vanilla, and sweet with a gassy edge smell is an excellent choice for socializing, the effects are upbeat and joyful with a nice sense of clarity and creativity.

Grow tips:   

  • She can go tall, be sure to have enough space or use LST techniques during the first 4 weeks.
  • It is recommended for making hash as she will produce an abundance of smaller leaves covered in trichomes.
  • This strain is well known for being a heavy feeder, make sure to feed her accordingly as she usually grows without showing signs of deficiency.

2.  Bruce Banner Auto

Improve ideal growth patterns, strong effects, delicious aromas, and a THC level of 25%. Being a mostly Sativa hybrid it can take up to 11 weeks to finish. Bruce Banner Auto loves sun, if you can give her 20hs of light a day, go for it, it will deliver accordingly, she can stretch up to 150cm growing zestful and tightly packed flowers. 


Bruce Banner Auto
5 out of 5
Tested these with the other new strains. Grown in soil and coco mix in 19L pots and 20/4 light cycle. One of my favorites from the testers.
Verified customer
Reviewed 13 April 2021


These buds will be heavily coated in crystals and offer a mouth-watering diesel and sweet berry taste that comes in hand an uplifting creative high, great for conversing and creative activities (novices may want to watch out!).

Grow tips:

  • Make sure you have enough vertical space because this strain grows super tall!
  • Have your trim bin ready because the sugar leaves are extremely frosty.

3. Original Amnesia Haze Auto

A mostly Sativa strain recommended to growers living in hot climates, where she can really take off in height and produce huge yields, is usually ready to chop in 70 days, and can have up to 22% THC. This strain grows vigorously and can easily hit up to 150cm (60in, one of the tallest autoflowers available) she will grow with large space between her internodes, and her flowers will glisten with trichomes and throw out large-sized bright orange hairy pistils.


Amnesia Haze Auto
5 out of 5
an almost ideal smoke for weekends, vacations, going out, parties, just chilling with friends or driving around (preferably not behid the wheel lol).
Verified customer
Reviewed 25 June 2022


A truly unique blend of orange citrus with floral overtones on the inhale, and turns to a deeper, citrus dominant flavor on the exhale. Original Amnesia Haze Auto delivers a soaring, cerebral roller coaster that stimulates all the senses, users will feel focused and highly motivated at first then changing to a relaxed high, perfect for reading, writing, gaming or just hanging out at home with friends.

Grow tips:

  • We recommend using LST techniques to get the most out of her.
  • When flowering, add support to prevent hanging due to excessive production.

4.  Strawberry Gorilla Auto

We were able to enhance all desirable traits that make the parent plants so popular, resulting in a super reliable plant that grows incredibly well in all types of climates, highly resilient, and is very easy to grow. This plant can reach up to 150cm (59in), producing very dense, frosty buds at every branch and internode, making her a heavy yielder (450-600gr/m2 or 1.5-2oz).


Strawberry Gorilla Auto
5 out of 5
It’s 7th week from seed and I’m already flushing. The buds look tight and smell awesome. Two more weeks tops and it’s chop day!
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 September 2022


Strawberry Gorilla Auto flowers will ooze with resin and her pistils will have a  golden hue, her flavor can be described as a delicious blend of strawberries, earthy terps, and overall sweet tastes. This girl will immediately relax you, a balanced high that will provoke creativity as well, a great choice for social nights out (Be warned that smoking too much can leave you in a dream state that can last for hours!).

Grow tips:

  • We recommend growing her any time of the year as she will withstand any climate and won’t require much maintenance.
  • Training this strain in the vegetative stage of growth will increase the number of flowering sites, promoting production even more.
  • Due to her large size, training is especially important in cases where space is limited.

5.  Tangie Auto

Tangie Auto is a predominantly Sativa strain that can grow up to 120cm (47in) with a high THC content (23%) that will get you flying through the clouds. Our take on this strain, successfully recapturing all the magic of this classic. Easy to grow and adaptable to almost all grow setups Tangie’matic lives up to the Sativa lineage, yielding up to 550 gr/m2 (1.2lb), she produces a tall main cola with impressive side branches to match.


Tangie Auto
5 out of 5
Dense nugs cooovered in trichomes. The aroma that comes off this strain is wonderful. Nice uplifting and motivating high.
Verified customer
Reviewed 23 June 2020


Packing on thick buds with green and purple hues and bright orange pistils, these tight frosty buds can rival the heaviest Indicas. This strain packs a Tangie punch, sweet earthy notes followed by sharp orange flavors, give it a mouth-watering flavor profile delivering a fully functional Sativa high without any head rush, the perfect strain for daytime and getting stuff done any users claim Tangie Auto helps maintain focus and is great for recreational and laborious activities. 

 Grow tips:

  • Be sure to give a nice long cure to bring out all the delicious terps.
  • A carbon filter is needed due to her strong smell.
  • She’s a heavy eater, so be ready to feed her frequently and be sure to flush properly to optimize the flavor profile.

6.  Amnesia Zkittlez Auto

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is one of the best Sativa-dominant hybrids out there for hash making (highly recommend strain for making cannabis concentrates), It’s really easy to grow and delivers huge yields in only 9 - 10 weeks. Her name is a cue to how powerful she is and what can be expected, grows up to 120cm (47in), and has a THC level of 24% and <0.5% CBD. It's a good strain for growers with lots of vertical space, thanks to her Sativa heritage, and will grow bushy with long internodal spacing and fat fan leaves delivering golf ball-sized buds with an intense production of trichomes even on the fan leaves and surrounding plant material. The flavors are sweet, spicy, lemony with fruity overtones that transcend into a smooth citrusy edge.


Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
too early to pass the final judgment but the plants look strong for their age, 2nd week in flower, quite hairy on tops already
Verified customer
Reviewed 4 January


A very powerful and enjoyable taste that will have you smiling from ear to ear out on the couch licking your lips, wanting more and more. Thanks to her THC and CBD levels it has a medical effect and is best for boosting your mood, causing heavy fuzzy eyes, and the feeling of wanting to get things done, a very cerebral effect that can be difficult to shake off (so be warned!) She is recommended for medical patients and those with a very high tolerance to the strongest of Sativa autoflowers.

Grow tips:

  • She is a very tough hybrid that is ideal for anyone experiencing challenging climates (either hot or cold) you can grow her without worrying about mold or mildew all year long.
  • Once flowering begins, we advise feeding her a strong nutrient solution to help her on her way to massive yields.

7.  Orange Sherbet Auto

An easy-to-grow and hardy strain, growers of all levels can appreciate it, can grow up to 150cm (59in) taking around 9-10 weeks to fully mature despite her Sativa influence. When flowering, Orange Sherbet Auto will produce up to 500-650gr/m2 (1.6-2.1lb) of large-sized nugs, making her a large-producing autoflowering strain. 


Orange Sherbet Auto
5 out of 5
My wife says it doesn’t smell like weed at all when I smoke it on the porch. All she can smell is some kind of citrus fruit.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 January


She reeks of a deliciously sweet, orange, and sour terpene combination. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is an excellent choice for commercial growers, hash makers, and extractors, delivering up to 26% THC. Despite her Indica side, her Sativa heritage speaks louder, she will keep you on a soaring, cerebral wave that will enhance creativity, energy levels, and motivation.

Grow tips:

  • Make sure to support the branches during flowering due to the size of the buds.
  • Due to the delicious terpene profile, it’s an excellent choice of hash makers.
  • It’s highly recommended to perform LST to allow the lower flowering sites to develop properly.

8.  Blue Dream Auto

This Sativa-dominant (around 75% Sativa) will grow at a fast pace quickly producing massive buds in 9-10 weeks, tested at 22% THC, her leaves will be thin and long, and she can develop into a bushy plant in almost no time at all, branches will grow quite thin, typical of Sativa plants. When flowering starts she can grow up to 110cm (43in) and is a very productive autoflower, yielding up to 600 gr/m2 (13lb). Blue Dream Auto effects are powerful, upbeat, and energetic, physical effects are light but together compliment the cerebral effects nicely. 



A wonderful flower to start the day with, enjoy socially with friends, long walks in nature, sunny days at the beach, and enhance your inner creativity. She is a truly tasty strain that anyone would enjoy, with hints of ripe cherry, orange, citrus, and pine flavors with fruit tart mixed in will keep your taste buds guessing after every puff.

Grow tips:

  • She loves frequent watering and can take a heavy nutrient solution with no issues at all.
  • We recommend LST in the first 4 weeks and pruning the lower parts of the plant before blooming begins, this will increase the amount of energy the plants used on its top buds, and ensure that there will be no unwanted popcorn buds forming.
  • Remember to provide support for the large buds and prevent them from falling over with the excess weight.

9.  Forbidden Runtz Auto

Our Forbidden Runtz Auto is our take on the two Cali strains, Forbidden Fruit and Runtz. Thanks to her heritage she performs very well in the cold and can achieve outstanding results in hot climates. Despite her short life span of around 9 weeks, she delivers THC levels up to 26%  and can yield up to 550 gr/m2 (1.6lb). It’s a perfect representation of an Indica-dominant hybrid in all aspects, a medium-size strain that will grow between 90-130cm (35-51in) and will grow multiple side branches with short internodal spaces and beautiful buds covered in trichomes. At the flowering stage reeks of a unique combination of fruity, spicy, citrusy, and sweet flavors.


Forbidden Runtz Auto
5 out of 5
All ten seeds have sprouted within 48 hours . It's no wonder you have won so many awards. Keep up the innovative work.
Verified customer
Reviewed 7 October


The buds grow large, dense, and coated with light orange hairs. The effects after smoking the Forbidden Runtz Auto are very pleasant and allow you to quickly relax after a long day of work while maintaining a focused and alert mindset, also a great strain for waking up with a clear head and getting through a long day stress-free.

Grow tips: 

  • This variety grows very well without any form of training but it’s recommended to perform LST technique to space out the canopy and get even better yields. 
  • Flush for at least 7 days to wash the excess nutrients from the medium and get even better flavors.

10.  Original White Widow Auto

The Original White Widow Auto is an old-school legend, multiple world champions with an insane resin profile, one of the original strains from the 1980s. This strain will produce incredible results outdoors and can withstand hot and cold weather with ease. Grows between 70-110cm (28-43in) with up to 20% THC she will produce one main cola with side branches growing out and tall as she fills with silver coated, large-sized nugs in 9 weeks can yield up to 500 gr/m2 (1.1lb).


White Widow Auto
5 out of 5
a nice fade, dense, resinous buds and so many of them too! can’t say anything about the smoke yet, she still smells like hay and needs curing
Verified customer
Reviewed 6 June 2022


She gets covered in trichomes from top to bottom, with a dark green hue and maroon brown pistils even can take on pink and magenta hues as she gets close to her harvest date, revealing her true beauty even further. The effects are uplifting and clear-minded, she will keep all systems going, perfect for smoking when you’re busy, keeping sharp and alert. Her high is not too racy and will transcend into a relaxing state the more you smoke with a spicy, earthy, and sweet flavor, delivering a particular taste that the old-school generation will love.

Grow tips:

  • Highly recommended for beginner growers new to autoflowers, this is a sturdy reliable strain that can be left to grow with very little maintenance.
  • She also performs incredibly well when grown in a Sea of Green.

11. In Conclusion

No matter where you live, if you’re looking to start your next grow cycle with the right foot, autoflowers are the right way to go. As you may know, autoflowers are bred from the Ruderalis subspecies of cannabis which originates from very harsh climates so they inherit certain characteristics such as the autoflowering trait but also a higher resiliency to less-than-ideal conditions.

Because of this, most autoflowering strains are an excellent option for outdoor growers dealing with both hotter and colder climates but there are certain autoflowering genetics that will thrive in hotter climates due to their inheritance. In cases like this, Sativa-dominant hybrid autoflowers are the way to go as they originate from places with tropical climates such as Jamaica, Mexico, and Brazil so they can withstand higher temperatures and humidities with ease.


These strains will perform extremely well in hot climates, you can’t go wrong with any of them indoors or outdoors!