Best Ways To Boost Trichome Production

Tips to improve trichome production that every grower will benefit from.
05 June 2020
4 min read
Best Ways To Boost Trichome Production

  • 1. Good lights
  • 2. Adjusting the environment for each stage
  • 3. Plant training
  • 4. Plant supplements
  • 5. Genetics
  • 6. In conclusion

There isn't a magic formula to increase the trichome production, to achieve this you need a combination of different elements. Things like genetics, an optimal growing environment, adequate full-spectrum lights and good quality nutrients at the right time will result in more resinous buds.

Increasing trichome production is an improvement that can be made when your growing environment is not optimal. If you’re growing in a good environment, your plant will be able to grow to its maximum, and in this case, it will depend solely on genetics.

1. Good Lights

Proper lighting is the most effective way to increase trichome production. 

As you may know, cannabis produces trichomes to protect the plant from UV rays, this means the more light and more spectrums you provide your plant, the more resin it will produce. 


Healthy fan leaves under a good growing light.

This is not really a tip but more of an advise: providing good lighting will allow your plant to develop to its maximum (the increased trichome production is a consequence).

If you cheap out on the light, it will reflect on the quality of the buds and can result in less potent flowers. Not everyone can provide the best lights available but be sure to provide them with the best quality lights you can.


2. Adjusting The Environment For Each Stage

As your plant grows, it will start producing more and more trichomes, these tiny glands are extremely fragile and volatile. Because of this, we have to ensure our plants are growing in the proper environment (especially) in the flowering stage, where there's a higher production of trichomes.

It is good to adjust our growing space to around 30-40% humidity and a temperature of around 26 celsius in the last 2-3 weeks before harvest. 


Maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity is crucial to promote the production of trichomes.

This will avoid the trichomes and terpenes from getting damaged or vaporized by heat and will result in an overall more potent effect and better-tasting flower.

Note: Remember to flush your plants for up to 2 weeks before harvesting to really make the flavor stand out.

3. Plant Training

There are two types of plant training, low stress training (LST) and high stress training (HST). Both of them are effective methods to increase trichome production and the overall quality of our flowers.

They consist of training our plants by applying force, either by tying down the branches or by cutting or mutilating the plant in very specific places to achieve a desired size or structure to allow a better air-flow and the light to reach deeper. This helps us to better use our grow space, especially the lights and fans, and avoid the waste of electricity.

Have in mind that plant training will not actually make the plant produce more trichomes but will allow her to reach its maximum production, the amount of resin will really depend on genetics.


4. Plant Supplements

There are a number of supplements intended for increasing trichome and terpene production, although they don’t do miracles, they will provide more of the nutrients your plant needs in the last weeks of the flowering stage. Some plants need more nutrients than others and sometimes what nutrient brands provide is not enough.

Supplements can provide a more specific mix of macro and micronutrients for the final weeks of the flowering stage when the plant is producing more trichomes. 


Supplements will provide a more specific nutrient mix for the stage your plant is in.

In this stage, our plant needs more potassium to develop buds properly. So most supplements will provide your plant with the exact amount it needs and some micronutrients will stimulate terpene and cannabinoid production.

Now, remember you don’t need supplements to achieve this, you can simply provide the nutrients yourself by observing and providing what your plant needs.


5. Genetics

Choosing good genetics is the way to go if you want more resinous buds. 

By carefully choosing which genetics to grow and maybe spending a little bit more for seeds from a reputable vendor, you ensure you will grow something up to your expectations and won’t get disappointed after having wasted money, time, and growing pace.


Starting with good genetics is the best way to guarantee a good harvest.

Always remember that even if you’re growing good quality genetics, you will need to provide it a good environment for it to develop properly. If you fail to do that, every plant you grow will not be up to your expectations.

6. In Conclusion

When talking about increasing trichome production, there’s only much you can do. If you’re growing in an improvised growing space, these tips will be really helpful. But if you’re growing in a fairly good growing space and cannot get your plants to produce more resin, we recommend starting to look for better quality genetics.

Good genetics are those that will deliver what the vendor offers without too much hassle. If you’re tired of growing bad seeds, we recommend our new Gorilla Cookies Auto. 

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05 June 2020