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The Best Autoflowering Strains for Beginners

12 March 2024
Fast Buds Details the Best Strains to Help You Break Into the World of Cannabis Growing
12 March 2024
14 min read
The Best Autoflowering Strains for Beginners

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  • 1. Lemon cherry cookies
  • 2. Sour jealousy auto
  • 3. Apple strudel auto
  • 4. Guava auto
  • 5. Papaya cookies auto
  • 6. Honorable mentions
  • 6. a. Gorilla cookies auto
  • 6. b. Tropicana cookies auto
  • 6. c. Gorilla zkittlez auto

Everybody starts somewhere, but it's hard to know where to start when growing cannabis. There are so many options: what light? What medium? What nutrients? What humidity? We'll be answering all of these questions shortly, but today, we'll focus on strain, specifically, "What's the best strain for new growers?"

Autoflowering cannabis is the perfect variety for new growers, but Fast Buds has over 20 strains to choose from. While you no doubt have a strain preference for flowers, extracts, edibles, and topicals, selecting a strain for cultivation is an entirely different issue. Some require a green thumb, while others seem to take care of themselves. Below you'll find the five easiest autoflower strains for beginners.

1. Lemon Cherry Cookies

One of Fast Buds' latest Autoflowers, Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto is one our fastest strains, finishing in around 8 weeks from seed to harvest.  It's also one of the most resilient strains in our catalog, making it perfect to grow in a variety of conditions.


Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
beautiful color, solid flowers and incredible smell. Curing it and it looks super nice. Easy to grow, was very happy with everything.
Verified customer
Reviewed 15 February


This squat and fast-flowering strain is ideal for small gardens and apartment balconies. New growers are bound to make a few mistakes here and there, and Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto nobly suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous newbie grow mistakes while still producing beautiful hybrid flowers with a THC content of up to 28.5%.

2. Sour jealousy Auto

Fast Buds' Sour Jealousy Auto combines two top-shelf genetics into an autoflowering giant. Easily our largest autoflowering strain, Sour Jealousy Auto’s bulk makes it ideal for outdoor growing. If you grow indoors, make sure you have a large enough tent to accommodate this hybrid's 1.5-meter reach.


Sour Jealousy Auto
4 out of 5
Dwc with floraflex nutes. Decent yield and good quality buds. Terps are floral Purple buds Overall highly recommend this one!
Verified customer
Reviewed 15 February


It’s extremely easiness to grow and large frame produces large yields, and it's this combination that makes Sour Jealousy Auto ideal for beginners. Even if you make a few mistakes and stress out this sour wonder, the resulting slower-growth will still produce a sizeable yield of buds.

3. Apple Strudel Auto

Who doesn't love colorful weed? Apple Strudel Auto’s amazing coloring, mouth-watering terpenes and tendency to grow fast make it the perfect centerpiece for anyone's first time.



Finishing in as little as 9 - 10 weeks, this autoflowering version of the popular Apple Strudel variety handles a wide variety of environments while still producing large numbers of bud sites and flowers. This strain also boasts purple and orange hues that appear from time to time, and produces extremely potent harvests with up to 29% THC!


4. Guava Auto

After planting, Guava Auto explodes out of the ground and doesn't stop. Fast doesn't do this genetic wunderkind justice. Typically finishing in eight to nine weeks, experienced growers can potentially be rewarded with up to 500gr/m2 in as little as 8 weeks! 



Guava Auto’s fast life cycle allows new growers to learn from their mistakes quickly. It's the perfect strain for learners who want to find, correct, and learn from their errors as a quickly as possible. If cannabis growing is a competition (and it is for many), Guava Auto is the ultimate training drill; fail fast, learn fast, grow fast.

5. Papaya Cookies Auto

Papaya Cookies Auto offers just a unique terpene profile not found in other strains on this list.  With very little maintenance, this autoflower delivers top-shelf harvests in as little as 8 - 9 weeks.  With up to 29% THC and harvests reaching 550gr/m2, you definitely cannot go wrong with our Papaya Cookies Auto.


Papaya Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
Must-try on my list, for sure! What better than sweet fruity cookie dough, Looks just dope with its potency and everything, can't wait
Verified customer
Reviewed 18 March


Even if you have no idea what you're doing, Papaya Cookies Auto buds always seem to have that magical potency that's made this strain a run-away hit in California. It's a high-THC strain with up to 29% THC and less than 1% CBD, making it a giggly, energetic, and clear-headed strain that almost anyone can enjoy. It's the pizza of autoflowering strains, even when it's not at its best, it's still really good.

6. Honorable Mentions

Here at Fast Buds we are constantly working to release the best autoflowers in the market, which means that the 5 strains mentioned above are just a small part of all the great autoflowering genetics that make it possible for beginners to maximize yields and quality with minimum maintenance. Here’s a quick list of our latest releases that are highly recommended for beginner growers:

Gorilla Cookies Auto

Our bestselling variety arising from a cross between the outstanding Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies, it’s a marvelous strain that yields up to 650 g/m2 of 28.5% THC bud in 10 weeks.

Gorilla Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
I got 134g off this gal growing in 3 gal pot with 24 hours of light. i'm stoked with the result! Smells like diesel. Was a great grow overall.
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 December 2022

Tropicana Cookies Auto

Up to 500g/m2 of delicious citrusy purple buds with up to 27% THC in 8 - 9 weeks from seed!

Tropicana Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
So dank sticky and fruity smell full of tricoms and smooth smoke I love the terps...I recommend this strain it was really easy to grow.
Verified customer
Reviewed 5 October 2023

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

One of our most recent award winners, winner of 1st place at Dabadoo 2022 in Brazil. A must for those who prefer quality above quantity.

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
I went on a holiday for almost two weeks and trusted them to someone else and they survived. Not in the best condition haha but alive
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 January 2023