The Five Shortest Autoflower Strains - A Fast Buds Guide

23 January 2023
Value stealth? No space? We reveal the five shortest strains of autoflowering cannabis seeds.
23 January 2023
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The Five Shortest Autoflower Strains - A Fast Buds Guide

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  • 1. Green crack auto 24-35 inches
  • 1. a. Grow tips
  • 2. Blueberry auto 24-43 inches
  • 2. a. Grow tips
  • 3. Tropicana cookies auto 24-43 inches
  • 3. a. Grow tips
  • 4. Gorilla punch auto 28-47 inches
  • 4. a. Grow tips
  • 5. Rhino ryder 23-43 inches
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  • 6. In conclusion

Bigger is not always better. A supersized Sativa may look great in photos, but what do you do when it starts to outgrow its tent? Get a bigger tent? Well, then how do you discreetly place that in your home? Nobody wants law enforcement banging their door down because their pot plant was too big to hide.

If you value stealthiness or have limited space, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow compact and shorter, and can still provide you with big yields and potent flowers. Instead of growing like trees, these strains grow like squat bushes packed with dense buds. Sometimes referred to as dwarf cannabis, modern autoflowers offer staggering yields and award-winning, high-THC buds within 10-weeks of planting. With that in mind, let's kick off our list at number 5 strains!

For each strain, we've included a link to a grow report/grow diary that illustrates one way (of many) to successfully grow each variety. Check out our grow tips.

5. Green Crack Auto 24-35 inches 

Who wants to get hyped! No strain provides a rush like Green Crack (sometimes called Green Crush). The original version of this legendary strain comes in both Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant varieties. Fast Buds' Autoflowering version is an almost perfect 50/50 hybrid that gives the rush of a Sativa, while the Indica relaxation eliminates paranoia and nervousness.


Five shortest autoflower strains: green crack auto

Green Crack Auto by Bongkhan.

Topping out at 35 inches, or 90 centimeters, The small bushy Green Crack still offers massive yields, as you can see from the picture above. Green Crack offers a smooth, balanced experience, and fits nicely in a closet or any kind of stealth grow box.

Green Crack Auto
5 out of 5
nice fast delivery, took 3 days to germinate! have seeds 9 days into germination and they are still going.... so good job. will be ordering more!
Verified customer
Reviewed 13 March 2018

“... the taste was of green […] mango and after it cured for 3 weeks […] the fragrance turned to ripe [...] mango [...] It would first make you talk out, then euphoric and then totally relaxed...”


This strain produces light-green buds with a long, dense, and pointy appearance while being completely buried in a thick layer of resin that gives them that beautiful sticky aspect.

Grow Tips

  • Due to growing homogeneously, it’s ideal to maximize your grow space by cultivating in a SOG.
  • Doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, this plant likes a lot of nutrients so make sure you feed her properly.
  • Remember to tie down the branches or perform other LST techniques to make sure the buds get enough light and fatten up properly.

4. Blueberry Auto 24-43 inches

Bred with indoor stealth grows in mind, our Blueberry is dorm-room closet ganja par excellence. Reaching a modest 24-43 inches, or 110 centimeters, this strain offers a fruity, wild berry-rich aroma, unlike any strain you've tried before.


Five shortest autoflower strains: grapefruit auto

Beautiful colors on Blueberry Auto.

The slightly Indica-dominant high pairs perfectly with its easy-to-hide dwarf structure. If you're short on space and can only grow one strain at a time, Blueberry Auto is the perfect jack-of-all-trades.

Blueberry Auto
5 out of 5
Resilient to toppings trainings and cold/mild climate, this is one of the best genetics of Blueberry I've ever grown and tasted!
Verified customer
Reviewed 1 January

“...Drinks and eats very well [...] Last week its branches were going to break up after ripening because of their weight [...] Smells like berries with some earthy aroma...”

You can expect extremely dense and long buds with dark and light-green hues, and a lot of orange hairs that give the flowers the perfect bag appeal while looking like they’ve been dipped in sugar.

Grow Tips

  • A great choice for outdoor growers who are looking for a fast-flowering plant that can be grown in humid and colder climates.
  • Easy to grow and requires little maintenance, ideal for beginners experimenting with autos.
  • One of the best for those growing on a balcony or terrace.

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3. Tropicana Cookies Auto 24-43 inches

Tropicana Cookies offers some serious resin production and a unique terpene profile. Sporting up to 27% THC and less than 1% CBD, this THC-rich strain not only grows relatively short and compact but it’s extremely easy to grow, making it an ideal choice for beginners. If high-THC weed is what you’re looking for, look no further. This strain offers a powerful effect that will put you in a deep state of relaxation with a huge smile from ear to ear.


Five shortest autoflower strains: tropicana cookies auto

Tropicana Cookies Auto by Roberts.

This is a marvelous hybrid autoflowering variety that tends to develop relatively compact, with a thick main cola and several short side branches that give it a sturdy appearance. So if you’re looking for discreet, easy-to-grow genetics that can withstand harsher climates while still delivering in all aspects, Tropicana Cookies auto is a must!

Tropicana Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
So dank sticky and fruity smell full of tricoms and smooth smoke I love the terps...I recommend this strain it was really easy to grow.
Verified customer
Reviewed 5 October

“...she relaxes me and it tastes really delicious in the mouth. I recommend this genetics to all patients or to those who wish to spend a good moment of relaxation in front of the TV...”

This strain grows flowers with a chunky appearance and bright orange hairs that wrap around the super frosty calyxes and complement their aspect beautifully. 

Grow Tips

  • It’s recommended to tie down the branches of prune lightly to allow light to reach the lower branches, increasing yields.
  • Make sure you provide support to all the branches to prevent them from snapping due to the density of the buds.
  • Remember to wait for the trichomes to turn amber if you want a more medicinal effect.

2. Gorilla Punch Auto 28-47 inches

If there were an autoflowering cannabis strain hall of fame, Gorilla Punch would be among all the award-winning genetics. This lemony, woody, peppery strain has won first place in the Best Sativa category in 2022 and has become a favorite of all Sativa lovers.


Five shortest autoflower strains: gorilla punch auto

Gorgeous Gorilla Punch Auto ready for harvest.

Our Gorilla Punch autoflower truly packs a punch, with up to 26% THC, it will hit you hard and get you heavily relaxed while uplifting your mood. On top of that, it’s a relatively compact plant despite it 28 - 47 inches in height (approximately 70 - 120cm) while having a cycle time of 8 - 9 weeks, making it a great choice for those with limited spaces who want a quick turnaround harvest without sacrificing quality or quantity.

Gorilla Punch Auto
5 out of 5
It’s compatible with any leisure or household chores so I smoke it from the moment I wake up and till late at night on weekends.
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 September 2022

“It is a very cerebral and euphoric Indica high but I wasn’t couch-locked. I really like to smoke this in the afternoon, that just seems to fit perfectly for me. the buds smell of SWEET earthy canna with lemon. It’s very pleasant.”

Thanks to her balanced genetics, you can expect dense purple buds that are completely covered in resin and boast bright green and pink hues. Look forward to the deliciously spicy, earthy, and lemony aroma that will overpower your room when smoking! 

Grow Tips

  • We recommend using at least a 10L pot to allow your plant to reach its maximum potential.
  • An ideal choice for outdoor growers suffering from cold wind and wet climates due to its ability to withstand harsh conditions.
  • A must for growers looking for stunning flowers with unique colors.

1. Rhino Ryder  23-43 inches

Rhino Ryder is truly special. A Fast Buds' original, we took strains from the popular Medicine Man/White Rhino lineage and crossed them with our autoflowers to create our shortest strain that packs buds with a punch.


Five shortest autoflower strains: rhino ryder auto

Armselmer18 says: “Easy to grow, no need too much care. We can feed normally and will get beautiful buds.”

Tripaholic88 from Grow Diaries describes it perfectly: "The high is at first a nice cerebral hit to the head resulting in an instant mood uplift that has you giggly and lasts for about 30-40 mins then slowly the body gets it until you are in an almost narcotic daze. Perfect for aches and pains."

Rhino Ryder Auto
5 out of 5
This strain was the biggest grower out of all my auto grows. The plant developed and unusually strong and thick stem from the beginning.
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 August 2015

This strain develops huge buds that form in the shape of a rhino’s horn and become so resinous that look like the whitest ivory. The buds will certainly make your mouth water due to the delicious mix of fresh cinnamon and pear terpenes that the buds reek of.

Grow Tips

  • A super tough strain, suited for any grower suffering cultivating in challenging conditions.
  • Extremely recommended for SOG growing due to growing uniform, compact, and short.
  • This genetics can be grown outdoors all year long without much maintenance, always finishing with dense and super frosty buds.



Strain THC CBD Max. Height Taste
Green Crack Auto Up to 20% <1% 90cm / 35in Spicy, Fruits, Floral, Mango
Blueberry Auto Up to 22% <1% 110cm / 43in Blueberry, Floral, Fruits
Tropicana Cookies Auto Up to 27% <1% 110cm / 43in Lemon, Sandalwood, Sweet
Gorilla Punch Auto Up to 26% < 0.5% 120cm / 47in Spicy, Lemon, Woody, Peppery
Rhino Ryder Auto Up to 20% Up to 1.2% 110cm / 43in Cinnamon, Earthy, Fruits, Peppery


In Conclusion

Technically, Green Crack is our shortest strain. While Rhino Ryder can, and usually does, grow shorter, its max height is just a few centimeters taller than Fasterberry's. Both are small marijuana strains and come from amazing lines, perfect for the stealth grower in need of weed with a kick.

If none of these strains are quite what you're looking for, you can always check out our full catalog where you’ll surely find a strain that suits your needs and your grow space, doesn’t matter if you want a short, tall, Indica, or Sativa, we will have what you need. Still doesn't solve your space problem? If you can only grow a limited number of plants, be sure to take a look at our guide on how to store your cannabis seeds

Also, make sure you check our Aghan Kush Auto, one of our smallest autoflowers released in 2022. Just keep in mind that are certain techniques that make it possible to grow XXL strains even in limited grow spaces so that you don’t have to limit yourself to the shortest autoflowering strains. Plant training techniques like Scrogging, which consists of a trellis net to shape a uniform canopy, the tie-down method which consists of tying down the main cola and side branches to keep prevent them from gowing upwards, and simply using smaller pots to restrict plant growth are excellent low-stress methods of making it possible to grow the largest strains in the smallest grow spaces. Make sure to experiment with these different techniques and methods as they will allow you to have a garden full of different colors, flavors and aromas!

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest news, strains, and giveaways from Fast Buds.