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Growdiaries 8.8/10 with 10786 diaries on GrowDiaries
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Aleph One

Aleph One

Hiding behind a pseudonym for security reasons, Aleph One is a long-time cannabis enthusiast with many years of hands-on experience in growing. After a checkered career in business, he recognized the nascent cannabis industry as the next big thing and went for it enthusiastically. Unfortunately, his native country went in a completely different direction than he expected, with regulations tightening and pressures mounting, until he was forced to abandon all his cannabis-related projects. However, his Russian-language website, which enjoyed immense popularity and saw 1.5 million unique visitors at its peak in 2017, gave him a chance to get an in-depth look into the subject and directly share knowledge with thousands of personal contacts. He holds a B.A. in Philology with majors in German and English which now allows him to apply his knowledge about cannabis by writing for Fast Buds and other English-language websites. A family man and a father of three, Aleph One still manages to find free time for hobbies and personal growth. He enjoys reading, mostly non-fiction and with an accent on math (hence the nickname), physics, philosophy, and cognitive sciences. He’s also continuing with his education, taking free courses on MIT’s OpenCourseWare project.
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