Blackberry Is Our Strain of the Month

Blackberry Is Our Strain of the Month

Created: 02.01.2018

Happy new year Fast Buds Fans! We're kicking things off with our strain of the month for January, Blackberry!

This autoflowering Blackberry Kush sports unreal reddish-violet coloring and sticky, frosty buds. It can grow from seed to harvest in eight weeks, making it perfect for those looking for a fast growing, calming indica that provides healthy yields.

As our strain of the month, we'll be packing a free Blackberry seed in with every order, and two seeds on orders over €25. It's the easiest way to try out this fruity wonder, risk-free.

tripaholic88's Fast Buds' Blackberry.png

FastGrower, BigDaddyK, described the strain like this:

"Just, wow, this taste is so funky. I was going to give this a 9/10, but in all honesty, this has to be the sweetest, fruitiest best tasting weed I have ever smoked. The hit is smooth, with an aftertaste of blackberry that lasts ages. It's a very calm, stone, just peaceful and warm. It starts with a bit of energy, and the effect is definitely a creeper. I would say this is probably one for the medicals. It's lovely and peaceful, but I have a bit of a dry mouth."

If you're planning to grow, be sure to check out BigDaddyK's Blackberry diary here. He grew a beast of a plant that gave him 148 grams of Blackberry's beautiful flowers.

We've got more exciting news this month, so keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel. In the meantime, enjoy growing faster!