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Wanna pay with cash?

We’re now offering the option to pay for our products with cash via UPS in specific countries. So for those of you that prefer not to use your bank details, we’ve now got a way for you to pay for your goods in cash upon delivery.
Once you’ve made your order, you can choose the payment option of ‘Cash on Delivery’.
Cash on delivery - Step 1
Be sure to fill out everything correctly, and include your mobile phone number. You will receive an automated SMS with a code that must be used in order to confirm the COD payment.
Cash on delivery - Step 2
After that, we will contact you to confirm your order, and once it’s been confirmed, your order will be processed and you will receive a UPS tracking number once it is shipped.
Cash on delivery - Step 3
Upon delivery, you are required to pay the UPS courier the full amount of your order in cash, including delivery fees as stated in your invoice.
Cash on delivery - Step 4

Terms of Service

  • Where cash is collected, the maximum amount is EUR 500 per receiver per day.
  • The shipper assumes all risk related to the collection of the payment, including non-payment, insufficient funds, and forgery.
  • If you live in a country where the euro is not used, the UPS courier will provide the currency conversion rate at the time of delivery.

Prices and Fees

  • National shipments (Spain): 5% of the value of the goods or a minimum of 9.90€
  • International shipments: 1% of the value of the goods or a minimum of 21.60€


This option is available for all European countries and anywhere we are able to ship to with UPS:
France, Italy, Spain