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Tutto Sul 'Fimming'

Il Fimming nel training delle piante , come si effettua, quali vantaggi, differenze rispetto alla cimatura, nonché i nostri consueti consigli.
21 April 2020
4 min read
Tutto Sul Fimming

  • 1. Cos'è il fimming?
  • 1. a. What to remember
  • 2. How is it done?
  • 3. The difference between fimming and topping cannabis plants
  • 4. When to perform fimming on autos
  • 4. a. The benefits associated
  • 5. Top tips on fimming autoflowering plants
  • 6. In conclusion

L'applicazione di tecniche di training a determinate cultivar può avere un effetto enorme sull'aspetto della pianta. Consentire a un grower di manipolare la struttura di crescita, la forma della canopia, l'altezza della pianta e la resa finale. In questo articolo spieghiamo tutto su fimming, come funziona, i benefici associati, compresi i nostri migliori consigli.

1. Cos'è Il Fimming?

Dall' inglese FIM (fuck I missed), è una tecnica nata per caso da un tentativo fallito di cimare le piante di cannabis. Il fimming descrive la rimozione del 70% della punta di crescita apicale. Il risultato è che l'energia che sarebbe stata utilizzata far crescere la punta apicale viene temporaneamente utilizzata per far sviluppare il resto delle piante.

What is fimming?


Una volta che la parte superiore della crescita della corona è stata tagliata con il 30% delle riprese rimanenti, ci vorranno circa 5-7 giorni prima che la ripresa della corona ricresca come normale che mostra il dominio apicale. Durante questo periodo è quando la crescita rimanente trarrà beneficio.

What To Remember

•  Fimming temporarily slows down vertical growth.

•  Energy is used for the rest of the plants as the top shoot recovers.

•  The appearance will become bushy and more stocky.

•  Removing 70-80% of the growth tip is perfect.

•  Plants will take 5-7 days before growing back as normal.

2. How Is It Done?

The art of fimming is very easy to do and should be performed using a pair of clean sterile scissors. By cutting horizontally across the cross-growth tip, and ensuring a sharp and smooth cut the technique is basically performed. If you decide to apply this technique to the main central tip, or the side branches also depending on which cultivar you are growing.

The Difference Between Fimming and Topping Cannabis Plants

Topping is performed on a plant during the vegetative stage, with the idea of totally removing the top growth top, exposing two small-sized axillary growth shoots. The plants will respond by sending all of the primary energy into these two shoots, dramatically reducing the height and width of the canopy. Topping also prevents vertical apical dominance, allowing for the side branches to be grown at the same height as the main cola.

Difference between fimming and topping your plant

Fimming, on the other hand, is done with the intent of slowing down the vertical growth of Cannabis plants. The 5-7 day window as the top shoot restores itself back to normal growth allows the rest of the plant to grow causing a much more stocky and compact appearance.

3. When To Perform Fimming on Autos

It is very important that before you apply this plant training technique, you are well familiar with the cultivar and how well it reacts to plant training. Thanks to the diversity found in autoflowering Cannabis genetics indica dominant strains will prefer one style of growing, hybrids another and sativas their own also.

Fimming is used to not only bulk up plants, allowing the lower buds to become as fat as the top ones, it also allows a grower to reduce the plant height. Sativa dominant autoflowering hybrids such as Orange Sherbet Auto that can grow as tall as 150cm are well suited for L.S.T. and fimming, however, a strain such as Zkittlez Auto will finish between 70-90cm so do not need reducing in height.

Orange Sherbet Auto
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Questa varietà già dalle ultime settimane di fioritura sprigiona un fortissimo odore agrumato, per lo più di arancia, mi piace molto!!
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Reviewed 20 ottobre 2020

The window to perform fimming should be done early on if the intention is to reduce plant height. If you are working with medium-sized plants, then applying fimming may have negative effects and cause the plants to grow very small. Once autoflowering plants have passed the 3rd week of their life cycle, it is best to avoid any type of plant training, unless you are tying down a tall-growing cultivar for the sake of the height of the grow space. 

The Benefits Associated

•  Plant will grow with a bushy and compact appearance.

•  The final height of the plant will be reduced.

•  Energy is evenly distributed to the rest of the plant.

•  Fimming is easy to perform and only requires a pair of scissors.

4. Top Tips On Fimming Autoflowering Plants

1. Make sure that you do not cut more than 80% of the top shoot off, as this can end up causing the plants to top themselves, which is the opposite desired effect.

2. Use a clean, sharp, and sterile pair of scissors when making your cut across the crown shoot. Spray the plants afterwards to keep everything clean and contaminant free.

3. Before you start fimming, do everything you can to learn about the strain and make sure that the plants will react well. Not all cultivars require fimming so do your research.


How to perform fimming and what to avoid?

4. Never perform this technique once buds have started to form. Not only can this stress the plants, but it can also interrupt the hormone development as the plant converts itself into flowering mode.

5. For the more experienced grower, applying other plant training techniques such as L.S.T, super-cropping and pruning will all have positive effects on the overall outcome of your harvest.

5. In Conclusion

On the basis that you can apply the right technique at the ideal time, then you will see a big difference in the outcome of your autoflowering plants. Do not find out the hard way in which cultivars don't work well with certain training methods and do your research before getting hands-on with your ladies.

21 April 2020