DIY Cannabis-Based Soap

It's time to shower in magic bubbles with this weed-infused soap
25 March 2021
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DIY Cannabis-Based Soap

  • 1. But first... what are cannabis topicals?
  • 2. Why cannabis soap though?
  • 2. a. Treating skin conditions with weed topicals
  • 2. b. Cannabis soap for pain relief and relaxation
  • 2. c. Moisturizing the skin with weed soap
  • 3. How to make canna-soap
  • 3. a. Necessary tools and ingredients to make weed soap
  • 3. b. Step 1: cutting and melting the brick soap
  • 3. c. Step 2: adding the oils and coloring
  • 3. d. Step 3
  • 4. The bottom line

If you're part of the stoner percentage that likes learning all about marijuana and its different forms of consumption, then you most likely know that in terms of shapes and forms, weed can be used in uncountable ways.

Either for recreational or medical purposes, weed is quite a versatile compound, it can be adapted to many different forms, suitable for each and everyone's personal taste and necessities. For instance, those who seek a strictly medical use of the plant and who might rather skip the psychoactive effects may find what they need in topical forms of weed.

In the topicals category itself, the options are so wide that you'll most likely have to test out a few until you find the one that suits you best. And the best part about topicals is that you can even make them by yourself at home, it's quite easy. 


DIY Cannabis-Based Soap: Try using marijuana as a topical with a DIY cannabis soap.

Try using marijuana as a topical with this DIY cannabis soap.

From bath bombs, balms, lotions, and even lipstick, you can do all sorts of cannabis topicals at home. If you're one of those people who like DIY crafts then check out this canna-soap recipe

1. But First... What Are Cannabis Topicals?

Before we get into the details on how to make your own weed-infused soap topical, perhaps we should explain what the term topical means

Marijuana-based topicals include all of the weed-infused products that are applied to the skin, with the exception of transdermals (which we'll explain further on). These topicals are mainly active on the top layer of our skin, the epidermis, and the surrounding areas. 


This precisely is the main difference between topicals and transdermals, while the firsts only work on the area applied, meaning they don't enter our bloodstream, transdermals actually do, providing a more general effect on the body and maybe even psychoactive too.

2. Why Cannabis Soap Though?

If you're sitting there wondering why would anyone want to use cannabis soap, then allow us to explain. It's not just that we love the smell of green and tasty marijuana, but weed soap can also provide several benefits such as:

  • Pain relief; 
  • Soothe the symptoms of some skin conditions; 
  • Provide a deep body relaxation and ease muscles pain; 
  • Can ease acne, and more.

Let's learn what canna-topicals can be good for. 

Treating Skin Conditions With Weed Topicals

Since we're talking about topicals, meaning they only act on the skin, it makes sense to figure that they can actually promote healthier skin conditions. These marijuana-infused topicals can be extra helpful for people dealing with skin disorders such as psoriasis. 1

At the same time, cannabis is a strong antiseptic as well, therefore you can get the aid of this magic plant and its compounds to treat any skin injuries and keep them clean. Even more, weed's anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce swelling and bruises to ease these injuries.


DIY Cannabis-Based Soap: You can treat your skin with cannabis soap to indulge it's benefits.

You can treat your skin with cannabis soap to indulge it's benefits.

Lastly, since marijuana has antibacterial effects, you can use topicals such as canna-soap to get rid of acne and skin impurities. This is attributed to two different qualities of cannabis: first, for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, and secondly, because CBD can reduce the production of sebum in sebaceous tissues, which is what most acne treatments aim for.

Cannabis Soap for Pain Relief and Relaxation

Another great use of cannabis-based bath soap is for pain relief. At this stage, chances are we're all familiar with the pain-relieving properties of marijuana, it's one of the most acclaimed benefits of using the plant for medical purposes. 2

Therefore, if you're looking to get pain relief especially on your body and muscles, definitely give weed soap a try. Furthermore, cannabis can provide extremely soothing effects, so taking an immersion bath with some cannabis soap, and why not some weed bath salts as well, will leave you feeling fresh like a baby. 3


Who knows, perhaps taking a relaxing bath or shower with some mary jane-infused soap is all you need to get rid of all that stress or anxiety that's been stuck on your head. In fact, weed is also normally prescribed to treat depression, and this combination of cannabis and self-care may actually be the solution you seek. 

Moisturizing The Skin With Weed Soap

If you don't have the necessity to use cannabis topicals, either for treating any skin disorders or relieve any pain, perhaps you'd be interested to know that these topicals provide great moisturizing effects too. 


DIY Cannabis-Based Soap: Weed topicals such as soap can moisturize, prevent acne and skin aging all at once.

Weed topicals such as soap can moisturize, prevent acne and skin aging all at once.

We've exhausted how amazing marijuana can be, so no wonder that its natural properties and components can also help to hydrate the skin and may even prevent it from aging too. If you're looking to stop your skin from peeling or prevent rough patches and cracks, topicals may be the answer. 

3. How To Make Canna-Soap

Okay, enough with the facts now, canna topicals: convinced. So now let's get into what we came for, how to make soap with cannabis. 

Necessary Tools and Ingredients To Make Weed Soap

Before you get your hands on the job, make sure you count with all the necessary elements. In order to make your own soap from cannabis you'll need to gather the following tools and ingredients:

  • 1 kg brick or glyceryn soap base;
  • A microwave-safe container;
  • 1 bottle of any essential oil you prefer;
  • 1 bottle of soap coloring or mica powder;
  • 1 bottle of cannabis tincture or cannabis coconut oil;
  • And soap molds, ideally silicone since it works best. 


DIY Cannabis-Based Soap: Time to make your own weed soap at home!

Time to make your own weed soap at home!

Now that you're ready it's time to work on the making of your weed soap, don't worry it's quite easy and takes no time to do. It should take you about 15 minutes to make the process and another 45 minutes to one hour for the soap to be done and solid. 

Step 1: Cutting And Melting The Brick Soap 

The first step towards making your own cannabis-infused wash is cutting the brick soap base into smaller pieces and placing them into the microwave-friendly container. Then, slide the bowl into your microwave and heat it over 30-second intervals, checking that you don't overheat it until you've achieved a 100% liquid consistency. 

Another way of doing this with a saucepan over the stove on low heat, but it's up to you since this doesn't really affect the final product. 

Step 2: Adding The Oils and Coloring

Once you have the melted liquid soap, add in any essential oils of preference as well as the soap coloring you'd like, though coloring is optional since it doesn't really change much.


DIY Cannabis-Based Soap: To make cannabis based soap you'll need either cannabis tinctures or oil.

To make cannabis based soap you'll need either cannabis tinctures or oil.

If you're going for a deeply soothing soap then definitely go for chamomile or lavender essential oil. Lavender is rich in linalool, a terpene famous for its sedative properties. 


Why not pour in some solid herbs, seeds and flower petals to the mix to add an extra texture to your homemade cannabis soap.

Up next you'll need to add up the cannabis into your cannabis soap. How much you use is up to you really, but we suggest 10 to 15 drops of cannabis tinctures or marijuana oil. If you don't know how to make cannabis tinctures check out the following article:


You can either use tinctures or coconut cannabis oil, which you can make following this cannabutter recipe, but using coconut oil instead of butter. Stir well until you achieve a homogenous mix.

Step 3

Now that the mix has blended properly, all there is to do is pour it into molds, if it's silicone better since it'll be easier to unmold later on. Lastly, let your soap harden for 45 minutes to 1 hour, remove it from its mold and try it out!

4. The Bottom Line

Who would have known making your own weed-infused products would be so easy? We know, we're all hyped and want to make everything cannabis-based now too, could we make shampoo or conditioner as well? Guess we'll need to give that a try in a near future. 

Not only this way we know exactly what's inside the products we use, but we also alternate the recipe however we wish in order to make our special and unique products. Don't stay inside the box, our recipe is only a suggestion, feel free to modify it to create your own brand.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of weed topicals in these canna-soaps and don't forget to send us photos of your final products!



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25 March 2021