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Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024

13 March 2024
Top 10 autoflowering strains to give you an advantage in the cold and humid UK weather.
13 March 2024
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Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024

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  • 1. Climate in the united kingdom
  • 2. Lemon cherry cookies auto
  • 3. Gorilla cookies auto
  • 4. Apricot auto
  • 5. Strawberry gorilla auto
  • 6. Tropicana cookies auto
  • 7. Wedding glue auto
  • 8. Cherry cola auto
  • 9. Banana purple punch auto
  • 10. Papaya cookies auto
  • 11. Purple punch auto
  • 12. In conclusion

The majority of avid consumers usually try to stock up on bud during summer to avoid growing in cold, humid climates but unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as expected. In some cases, cultivators are forced to grow in less-than-ideal conditions, which with most cannabis strains, tends to cause mold, wasting your time, money and ruining your whole harvest. Fortunately, autoflowering cannabis strains have come a long way and are ideal in this type of situation as they contain Ruderalis genetics which makes them more resilient to not only pests and bugs, but also to harsher climates.

So, if you’re an outdoor grower and are looking for the best autoflower cannabis seeds in the UK, look no further! Here is our top 10 seed selection for 2023. Rest assured, all of these strains will not fail to deliver high yields of top-quality bud in as little as 8 weeks without extra effort!

1. Climate In The United Kingdom

The climate in the UK is usually very humid and cold. You have to choose the strains carefully to avoid problems. By knowing the weather for the next couple of months you can plan your cultivation so you start when there's good weather and a good amount of sunlight hours. By having (and understanding) a chart like this, you will ensure your plants grow in the best climate possible, this way you can predict when you'll have more sunlight for your plants to develop better, an appropriate temperature so your plants develop properly and less humidity so you don't suffer from bugs or plant disease, ultimately resulting in bigger yields, less problems, and an overall healthier plant.


Month Max. temperature C°(F°)

Min. Temperature C°(F°)

Sunlight Hours Rel. Humidity

 18.6 (65.5)

 9.7 (49.5)  16hs  75%

 20.4 (65.5)

 11.7 (53.1)  16:30hs   69%

 20.1 (68.2)

 11.5 (52.7)  16hs  72%

 17.5 (63.5)

 9.6 (49.3)  14hs  76%

Climate in the United Kingdom month-by-month1.

It’s ideal to grow Indica dominant strains and preferably good genetics that are highly resilient for cold and humid climates. 

Cold and humid climates tend to attract bugs and mold so it's crucial you take good care of your cannabis plants in climates like this.

Here’s our top 10 strains that will give you an advantage over the harsh climate outdoor growers in the UK suffer from. Just remember that depending on where you are growing (balcony, backyard, etc..) you will want to look for a low odor autoflower seeds that grow well in the UK.

2. Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto

This strain has become a flagship for its delicious flavor, it is a stable plant that takes harsh climates very well, making it ideal for growers who want fast-flowering autos that produce top-quality buds.

Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
beautiful color, solid flowers and incredible smell. Curing it and it looks super nice. Easy to grow, was very happy with everything.
Verified customer
Reviewed 15 February

It's an extremely potent and resilient strain, develops really well in cold and humid climates, and with up to 28.5% THC. A great choice to grow outdoors in the UK, not only for the potency but for the high resiliency.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Lemon cherry cookies auto

Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto bred by Fast Buds.

Grow Tips

  • Due to her bushy foliage, it is recommended light defoliation or LST training to avoid mold and pests.
  • Her extreme resin production makes her a good choice for making hash or other extractions. 


“This strain was an absolute joy to grow. Super easy and took a lot of beating from my part.l during the grow. Once into flower it's amazing how fast they'll start swelling. Its like the turbo chargers kicked in as you should see daily growth. The colors of the flowers are a deep deep purple that are covered in frost and red hairs, so it makes them look picture perfect.The smell they have is sweet,fruity, with hints floral to them."

3. Gorilla Cookies Auto

Thanks to its Indica lineage, this strain grows compact, robust, and is extremely resistant to diseases and cold weathers, these traits will give you an advantage when growing outdoors in cold and humid climates like in the UK.

Gorilla Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
I got 134g off this gal growing in 3 gal pot with 24 hours of light. i'm stoked with the result! Smells like diesel. Was a great grow overall.
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 December 2022

By providing an appropriate pH level and good nutrients you’ll be amazed at the insane trichome production, even needing to provide support so the branches don’t snap due to the huge dense buds that can yield up to 650gr/m2 in 70 days!.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Gorilla cookies auto

Gorilla Cookies from our grower Hawkbo.

Grow Tips

  • Gorilla Cookies can take a big feeding especially during week 3 and onwards, make sure you feed her properly to increase autoflowering plants yields and the overall quality of your harvest.
  • This incredible producer may need support when flowering, make sure you have bamboo stakes available for the last weeks of flowering.
  • We recommend tying the branches or performing LST to avoid mold and provide more airflow for the buds to develop better.


“This plant surprise me she started off with nods every inch. As she grew, she started bringing in multiple colors of red purples greens she smelt like Berry's with almost a skunk hint. By week 10 she had colas the size of water bottles at around 3 feet tall when she was done, she was one of the best strains I've grown will definitely be doing another grow with her. The smoke was smooth, and taste was unbelievable. It definitely recommended that everyone try this strain”

4. Apricot Auto

This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow, suited for pros and beginners who will be rewarded with a prime-quality delicious resin, it’s also a great choice to grow outdoors in cold and humid climates like in the UK because of her Indica lineage. 

Apricot Auto
5 out of 5
I love this one, super powerful Indica high. You feel it in the body. The smell is really nice, didn't expect it to smell of apricots so much
Verified customer
Reviewed 18 March

Have in mind that even though she can resist cold climates and mold, you should perform LST to provide more airflow to the buds, this way you avoid mold and bugs that thrive in humid climates and can attack your plants.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Apricot auto

Apricot Auto bred by Fast Buds.

Grow Tips

  • This strain prefers light feedings, make sure you water accordingly and let at least 80% of the soil dry before watering, to avoid bugs that reproduce in wet organic matter, like Fungus Gnats.
  • Make sure you flush properly during the final weeks of flowering, this way you make her colors stand out and guarantee a smooth smoke, and a strong aroma and flavor.
  • By low stress training your plant (with LST or other methods), you can yield more than 550gr/m2 in around 8-9 weeks.


“I haven't tasted it yet because it is currently being cured. But at first glance visually and smell its really a beautiful flower. I had a small problem during the growth which affected its size. But it didn't affect the quality of the flowers. A nice smell of sour candy Really well frosted Currently she is "gardengobblin approve"”

5. Strawberry Gorilla Auto

A delicious candy-sweet Cali strain that conquered every consumer's stash due to its delicious taste; Thanks to its mixed heritage, this hybrid grows compact with multiple bud sites and it’s super easy to grow outdoors, requiring low maintenance.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto
5 out of 5
It’s 7th week from seed and I’m already flushing. The buds look tight and smell awesome. Two more weeks tops and it’s chop day!
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 September 2022

Because this plant grows a lot of side branches close together with dense buds, we recommend tying them down to avoid problems with mold, due to the humid climate in the UK.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Strawberry gorilla auto

Strawberry Gorilla Auto bred by Fast Buds.

Grow Tips

  • Being one of our hefty producers, we recommend providing support so the branches can withstand the weight of the buds.
  • This strain tends to need a lot of nutrients, so we recommend you feed her quite heavily and with good quality nutrients.
  • To avoid bugs, it is highly recommended you LST, providing more airflow in between the buds and branches.


“It’s a very strong sativa smoke that makes me super pumped and ecstatic and a bit trippy to the point that I imagine I can hear sounds. Besides everything becomes so colorful and crystal clear and the air seems liquid somehow. I love smoking it in the early afternoon.”

6. Tropicana Cookies Auto

Tropicana Cookies Auto is a vigorous and sturdy strain and is a great choice both for indoor and outdoor growers who will be rewarded with beautiful purple buds that reek of a mouth-watering blend of citrusy and sandalwood terpenes.

Tropicana Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
So dank sticky and fruity smell full of tricoms and smooth smoke I love the terps...I recommend this strain it was really easy to grow.
Verified customer
Reviewed 5 October 2023

Even though she develops exceptionally well with minimum maintenance, you can have an amazing harvest by providing good quality nutrients and proper usage. And remember to always try to maintain the temperature and humidity levels within the accepted ranges as this can make a huge difference in the quality of the final product.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Tropicana cookies auto

Tropicana Cookies Auto.

Grow Tips

  • Flushing during the last two weeks is recommended to make her flavor and smell really stand out.
  • Because this strain can grow up to 110cm, we recommend performing LST of tying down the branches to keep your plants discreet.


“The citrus smells are very noticeable with this plant even before busting them up. At low temps you can taste some sweetness and citrus, which gives way to the richer cream or wood flavours at higher temps. I am noticing some really nice purple tones emerging in the buds this grow and alot of frost on the sugar leaves. I find that this strain hits you in the head at first but not an anxiety inducer. I also found that this strain was pretty relaxing, but not sleep inducing, and would be a good strain if you want to chill with friends, watch a movie, or gaming. Chilled but focused.”

7.  Wedding Glue Auto

This hybrid is super easy to grow, well suited for beginners and for lovers of Indica hybrids with sweet terpene profiles, It's very resistant to pests and mold while requiring low maintenance, making it a great choice for outdoor growers, who look for an extremely resinous strain.

Wedding Glue Auto
5 out of 5
Easy grow and she wants to live calmag poisoned her and two others I was on to it quick she is super sticky starting week 9 time of photo
Verified customer
Reviewed 18 April 2022

This Indica-dominant strain grows dense and bushy, with a lot of side branches, and even though it’s a highly resilient strain, due to the climate in the UK we recommend LST or other forms of plant training to avoid pests and mold.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Wedding glue auto

Wedding Glue Auto.

Grow Tips

  • Remember to always keep an appropriate pH level for the medium you’re growing in, this way you ensure your plant is absorbing nutrients properly and avoid any problems.
  • We recommend growing Wedding Glue in 15L pots to make sure the plant develops to its fullest.
  • By low stress training your plant (with LST or other methods) you prevent mold and can ultimately yield more than 550gr/m2 in around 9 - 10 weeks.


“Wedding glue has a special place in my heart so it was an honor to grow this one out! I'm very happy with the results only took 71 days seed to harvest! Very potent and a really nice high. It hits you quick and lasts a couple hours. I love the smell of this bud it's like a mix of fruit and a hint of diesel. Highly recommend growing this strain. It's forgiving for beginners as well”

8. Cherry Cola Auto

Cherry Cola Auto is ideal for new growers and pros, as she can easily forgive novice’s mistakes and can put up with training methods while easily rewarding you with up to 600gr/m2 in 63 to 70 days.

Cherry Cola Auto
5 out of 5
In my experience it’s best to grow her naturally, no topping, no heavy training such as SCROG. You’ll be impressed with the yield.
Verified customer
Reviewed 17 February

Even though this is a robust and resilient plant (ideal for growing outdoors), she grows relatively bushy due to her Indica heritage so we highly recommend LST techniques. Because the UK has a humid and cold climate, the extremely dense buds can get mold if you don’t provide good airflow.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Cherry cola auto

Cherry Cola Auto.

Grow Tips

  • We recommend LST techniques not only to improve yields but also avoid any kind of problem with bugs and mold.
  • Beware, this plant reeks of skunky and fruity aromas, and the smell can be hard to mask when growing outdoors.


“This is the first time I’ve grown such perfect looking conical tight and resinous buds. Real gems. I can’t help opening my jars several times a day just to look at these beauties. Needless to say they also smell heavenly. It’s a struggle not to try them before i finish curing.”

9. Banana Purple Punch Auto

With up to 26% THC, this is one of the most powerful strains from Fast Buds. A super easy-to-grow plant with a powerful terpene profile, perfectly fit for new growers.

Banana Purple Punch Auto
5 out of 5
It relaxes both the body and mind and lets you do anything - working, driving if you need to. you just feel perfectly calm and focused.
Verified customer
Reviewed 10 September 2022

Thanks to her Hybrid lineage she grows exceptionally well in cold climates (ideal for the UK), as she is used to the cold California night times and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance while yielding up to 550gr/m2 in around 56 days. 


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Banana purple punch auto

Banana Purple Punch Auto from our grower.

Grow Tips

  • Be careful when growing outdoors, the terpene profile on this strain can be felt from far away.
  • Make sure to give her enough nutrients, as this strain tends to take a lot of nutrients to develop to its maximum.


“I had a tolerance break for a week when my Banana Purple Punch was finishing curing and the second toke hit me like a train. I was completely lost for what seemed like an hour but was probably 15 minutes, couldn’t remember what I’d been doing or planning to do. Then I found my bearings again and found in me tons of energy to do stuff and feel absolutley happy.”

10. Papaya Cookies Auto

This is one of our most potent strains, an unbelievably easy-to-grow autoflowering plant, great for beginners. This Sativa-leaning hybrid is a very popular choice for growing outdoors in a cold harsh weather like in the UK due to her lineage.

Papaya Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
Must-try on my list, for sure! What better than sweet fruity cookie dough, Looks just dope with its potency and everything, can't wait
Verified customer
Reviewed 18 March

You will be amazed by her ability to fight off bugs, and withstand cold weathers, while yielding 550gr/m2 of beautiful resinous and dense buds in around 8-9 weeks, a perfect variety for the lovers of trichome-rich strains.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Papaya cookies auto

Papaya Cookies Auto bred by Fast Buds.

Grow Tips

  • We recommend flushing 2 weeks prior to harvest to remove excess nutrients and reveal her true flavor and aroma.
  • Even though she’s highly resilient to cold and humidity, we recommend LST to provide air flow to avoid bugs when growing outdoors.


“Wow do they smell pungent. The flowers came out nice, not to dense but neither airy. The wet weight for these came out to 912g. To say they're coated in frost is an understatement looking like a winter wonderland.”

11. Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto is very easy to grow and one of our most productive strains, a great strain to grow in the UK because thanks to her Indica heritage she can yield up to 600gr/m2 even in cold climates.

Purple Punch Auto
4 out of 5
I rolled 3 joints for testing, tried them all, one each night, never finished more than a half joint because this shit’s strong
Verified customer
Reviewed 13 October 2022

Even though she can withstand harsh climates, we recommend LST techniques to provide more airflow to the buds, because they are extremely dense, water can get stuck in them and that is where mold thrives.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds UK 2024: Purple punch auto

Purple Punch Auto.

Grow Tips

  • Be extremely careful when growing outdoors as she reeks of a pungent smell and can bother your neighbors.
  • Despite growing tall this plant develops quite compact, perfect for a discreet outdoor grow.


“Purple punch is purple, quite strong, fruity but more like a Spanish reserva with lots of other subtle terpines going on. Extreme bag appeal. Two phenos: One was deep purple all over loads of ginger hairs. Giant calyxes, not very dense, Sticky. Looks cartoonish, and tastes like finewine. Finished 10 weeks. The 2nd pheno is greener up until mid flower. Beautiful purple, mauve, pink buds when mature. Potent, fruity, incensey.”

12. In Conclusion

If you’re thinking of starting your next growing cycle outdoors you can’t go wrong with these strains, and if you're a medical patient, have a look at our autoflower CBD seeds for the UK. Have in mind that even if they’re resistant to disease and cold climates, they still need a minimum amount of maintenance and care so you avoid any problems. Remember that even though these strains grow well outdoors in colder and more humid climates such as in the UK, you can always build a basic greenhouse structure to protect your crop from stronger wind, rain, or snow. The strains mentioned in the blog are quite resistant to colder climates but they're living beings so if you want to get the most out of every single plant, it's a good idea to keep them well-fed, protected from rain or snow, and keep an eye on them every day to make sure there are no signs of pests or mold attacking your garden.

There’s not much to do other than basic plant care and maintenance, so just keep an eye on your plants and you’ll be harvesting lots and lots of beautiful frosty buds in no time! We hope our 2023 autoflowering cannabis seeds for the UK selection will help you to prepare for your outdoor growing season in the UK and if you have grown autoflowering strains in the harsh climate before share your experience in the comment section.




   1. UK Met Office: