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How to Pass Drug Tests?

28 February 2023
Getting over a drug test successfully is critical if you want to make it big in your career. Find out how in this article.
28 February 2023
12 min read
How to Pass Drug Tests?

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  • 1. Stop using cannabis immediately
  • 2. Understand the tests
  • 3. Use detox kits
  • 4. Use supplements
  • 5. Synthetic urine
  • 6. Passing cannabis drug tests - faqs

“Hey Adam, you’re almost through! The only step remaining is the drug test, about a week from now. See ya soon!” is a sentence that can make you giddy with happiness and fear at the same time. You’ve waited for months for this special job.

Prepared for it and even spent sleepless nights praying for it, but the only problem is that you’ve also used cannabis on those nights...If you’re panicking right now and wondering how to pass drug tests, remember you’re not alone. It’s sad that while hard drugs that are fatal like cocaine and heroin can exit your body in less than a week’s time, a harmless herb like cannabis may take more than a month. Despite all the positive effects, you’re forced to stop indulging in marijuana especially if you want to go ahead career-wise.

Before we proceed, there are a few things to note. Thanks to various myths and rumors, people are led to believe that they can somehow beat drug tests using methods that supposedly work. Fortunately or unfortunately, technology has advanced to such an extent today that you cannot pass drug tests by faking it. The most bizarre myth is that you can drink bleach to pass a urine drug test. It’s not only stupid but fatal as well. Bleach can burn your mouth and internal organs and drug tests will be the least of your concerns if you actually consume bleach. Other myths state you can add salt to your urine sample. Not only is this completely senseless, but employers wouldn’t rely on drug tests if it were so simple to fake it.

Also, some people think that they can dilute urine samples by adding water. For one, the pH of the sample changes, and the temperature will not be consistent either – two major red flags. Thus, try proven and tested ways to tackle the problem rather than relying on ones that don’t make sense. The only way to actually pass drug tests with flying colors is to prepare your body in advance. Here are a few ways:

1. Stop using cannabis immediately

This goes without saying. The first thing you do as soon as you know about the drug test is to stop consuming or smoking cannabis. No, even micro-dosing won’t help. Even an occasional joint will show up in the tests, so stop using it immediately. Every day that passes without you using the herb will increase your likelihood of passing the test.

2. Understand the tests

Every employer uses different types of drug tests. This can be good or bad news depending on your usage. Sometimes, you get an option to choose among the tests. If you get such an opportunity, choosing the right tests can be the key to help you be successful. Employers generally go with either urine, hair, saliva, or blood tests. Blood tests are reliable but it requires a lot of work, which makes most employers stay away from them. If you’re going to have to take a urine test, you’re in luck because they are generally inaccurate at pointing out the exact levels of THC. Sure, you may still fail the test but you could somehow get lucky too.


How to pass drug tests: understand the tests

In order to pass drug tests it's essential you understand the different drug tests.

If you’re a heavy user, do not opt for the hair follicle test because it’s the most accurate of all tests. But, remember that it takes about 15 days for the hair to grow back. Thus, if you’re a beginner that has smoked or consumed cannabis for the very first time within the fortnight, you’ll be able to pass the test. On the other hand, hair tests detect cannabis usage even if you’ve used them 90 days ago! If you’re an occasional user, saliva and blood tests are the ones you should choose since the THC can exit your bloodstream in a matter of a few days. This doesn’t apply to chronic users, though.

3. Use detox kits

If a drug test is looming ahead and you don’t have time to prepare, using detox kits will surely help. There are a plethora of detox kits nowadays but the issue is that very few of them work. Products by companies like TestClear may work since they have detox kits ranging from 1 to 10 days. No matter what kit you choose, make sure you use the whole kit instead of popping a few pills here and there. If you’re not in the mood to use detox kits or drinks, your chances of passing a drug test go lower, but you can still give it a shot if you understand how the kits are actually designed. Detox kits are expensive and not everyone can actually afford them. Basically, the pills are meant to eliminate THC from your system. THC exits your body through excreta, urine, and sweat. Large amounts of THC are excreted through feces, which means that you can use any method to poop as much as possible before appearing for a test!

Although it sounds awkward, it makes sense to use laxatives or any drink to remove THC through urine and poop. You could also exercise much more than usual so that your body sweats. Drinking loads of water will help you sweat more and prevent dehydration as well.


How to pass drug tests: use detox kits

Detox kits may not be effective so research before buying one!

However, note that THC is usually stored in the fat cells of the human body. When you work out, the body begins burning fat, and the levels of THC surge immediately. Although it goes back to normal in a few hours, working out just before taking up a drug test will probably show high levels of THC in the system.

If you decide to go down this route, make sure you do a bunch of research and read reviews before you part with your hard-earned cash. The companies that make these products are known for using bold claims to boost sales, but these claims are not always backed up by the actual results. Its also always advised catching the very midpoint of your urination stream. This is due to the fact that there will be higher concentrations of any drug traces at the beginning and end of your urination. So to be safe, let your stream from for at least a couple of seconds before letting the drug test catch. This will ensure the highest chance of any of these detox kits working, but in general, we still say that you can not 100% trust these types of drinks to work every single time.

4. Use supplements

Vitamin B3 or Niacin is advertised as a quick supplement to reduce levels of THC by detoxifying the body. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this. On the contrary, reports suggest that there’s a rise in niacin toxicity due to people ingesting enormous amounts of niacin in a short span of time. Although vitamin supplements are harmless, abusing them will take you nowhere. If you have a lot of time to kill before a drug test, taking vitamin supplements including calcium, magnesium and vitamin B3 may help reduce the toxins in your body, but they certainly won’t completely eliminate them.


How to pass drug tests: use supplements

Make sure to take supplements moderately to avoid other issues!

No matter what supplement you choose, make sure you take them in small amounts so that you don’t face other issues. Some people also believe that drinking cranberry juice sufficiently will help detox your body. Cranberry juice is harmless and is also good for the body, so you can certainly try the trick. Additionally, squeezing lemon juice in your water may also help in the detoxification process. Some users also rely on drinking vinegar to manipulate their urine. While this may work at times, ingesting too much vinegar will alter the pH levels of urine in such a way that all your efforts will be for naught.

5. Synthetic urine

If all else fails, your only bet is to try synthetic urine that’s available through several companies. Synthetic urine looks and even smells like urine. You’ll have to carry a small bottle of this fake urine and replace it at the right time during the test. However, it’s important to maintain its temperature in such a way that it doesn’t make anyone suspicious. Note that you may face penalties and even land behind bars if caught. Thus, try this at your own risk! These fake urine kits come in a range of quality and setups. Some only offer the bottle of synthetic urine itself, while others come with a small hosepipe to connect the bottle to a fake appendage that looks lifelike enough to fool anyone who may be watching.


How to pass drug tests: synthetic urine

Remember that you may face penalties if caught!

Almost every urine drug test will test the temperature of the urine to make sure it has been freshly passed. Most synthetic urine kits will come with a temperature gauge on the side of the bottle to help you keep the contents in the correct range. The most common method of heating and keeping the contents warm is to simply place the whole bottle in a microwave for 10 to 20 seconds to bring it up to temperature, then to strap it to the inside of a leg. The natural body heat will keep it at an acceptable heat until the testing time. 

You may be lucky and not have anyone watching while you do the actual test. If this is the case then you will only need to buy a kit containing the bottle. When you enter the cubical remove the bottle from its scrapped position on the inside of your leg. Start urinating in the toilet and carefully pour some of the synthetic urine into the test bottle. Once this is done, momentarily pause urinating to imitate the stream being caught by the test bottle, then finish your urination. This will help fool the tester if they are standing outside the cubicle.

6. Passing Cannabis Drug Tests - FAQs

So, there we have it. All the best methods for passing drug tests. But, this is a pretty anxiety-inducing subject, so it goes without saying that you probably have some queries surrounding the subject. Let's take a look at the most commonly asked questions, and see if we can give you guys and girls the best advice to ease those nerves!


What are the laws surrounding drug tests?

This really comes down to where you live, and the contract you signed when you started working (if one was signed at all). We are going to base our answers on general advice for USA citizens, but you should always google your local, state, and federal legislation before you take any drug test so you gave a full understanding of your rights. 

In the USA, every single state has its own set of rules and regulations for drug testing employees. Certain states (New York, California, and Nevada for example) do not allow for discrimination against employees who have failed drug tests for cannabis, and there have been several cases of employees suing employers for unfair dismissal or firing when they have tested positive for cannabis.

Other states have much stricter laws, with no legislation protecting those who have tested positive for cannabis. The best advice is to always check the laws in your specific state before taking a drug test - you don't want a nasty surprise later down the line!


How can I avoid failing a drug test?

The only surefire way to pass a drug test is to abstain from drug usage. Even then, the tests are mass-produced and have a false fail rate that is higher than what you may expect, so always ask for an A and B sample to be collected just in case. If you do test positive and believe that the test itself was faulty, then you can use the A and B samples to fight it in court. Of course, this is a risk not everyone is willing to take, so the best advice is to abstain from marijuana usage for at least a month before the test. If you have been using cannabis heavily and need to pass a test soon, there are several methods of detoxing out there that you can use as discussed above.


Are there other common testing methods apart from urine analysis?

Yes, there are several other methods of testing for cannabis usage. Hair follicle tests are becoming increasingly common as they can detect usage up to 180 days prior, and saliva tests are also gaining popularity due to their accuracy but they only test for the presence and not for intoxication. Whichever testing method you come up against, the advice is always the same: abstain from drug usage for at least a month beforehand and research any local laws that may be applicable.


How long does THC hang around in urine?

That really depends on the number of cannabis products you indulge in, and how often you use them. Generally speaking, THC will stay in your system for between 1-30 days after use, depending on the method of usage and frequency. 

If you only smoke or consume once a month or so, then the cannabinoids should clear from your system in less than a week. If you smoke a couple of times a month, then it may take up to 14 days for you to be able to pass a urine analysis test.

If you are a more frequent stoner, then it could take up a month or even a little longer. If you are a dedicated cannabis enthusiast who smokes daily, then you can fail a urine test up to 90 days after your last smoke.


Does your body Composition play a role in how long THC stays in your system?

Yes, it does, but only in a certain respect. THC (and all other cannabinoids) are fat soluble, meaning that people with a higher fat percentage will store more cannabinoids in their body for longer periods of time. This means that if you are overweight and smoke a lot, you have a higher chance of failing a test than someone who smokes the same amount but is a little less heavy.

Your particular metabolism also plays a role in how long it takes for the body to clear out any remaining traces of THC. People with fast metabolisms tend to clear out the cannabinoids from their system more quickly than those with slower ones.


What combination of factors will help you reduce the amount of THC in your system?

First up, stop smoking straight away. Then start drinking water, and drink a lot of the stuff. At least a gallon a day, if not more. Get moving. Exercise has been proven to help reduce the amount of THC stored in your body. Take up something like running or cycling, and try to get your heart rate up to 160 BPM for at least 30 to 45 mins per day


I only use CBD products... Can I still fail a drug test?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, and depending on the quality and type of product you use, it may be enough to fail a drug test. So if you are looking to pass a drug test, it is best to avoid using any CBD products for at least one month before the test.


Will my gender impact my chances of passing a test?

Nope. It all comes down to the regularity of your consumption, your body type, and your metabolism.


How can I ease the anxiety I am feeling about my upcoming drug test?

First up, breathe. There are bigger things in life to worry about than a simple drug test. If you are worried about the idea of a test, then try to prepare yourself. Educate yourself on the testing methods in your area and the laws around cannabis usage. Research ways that you can reduce THC in your body, and do whatever you can to ensure that you are passing the test.

You can also look into purchasing a few at-home tests. These will give you a good idea of whether you will pass the important one.