A Cannabis CEO Envisions a Lab on the Moon

27 August 2021
Key to Life's founder and owner is urging cannabis professionals to start thinking about interplanetary solutions
27 August 2021
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A Cannabis CEO Envisions a Lab on the Moon

In his recent press release, Tate Dooley, the CEO of Key to Life, has shared his vision of a bright future of cannabis that can and should extend beyond the boundaries of our planet. Key to Life is a US-based manufacturer of organic and environmentally sustainable products for cannabis cultivation.

According to Dooley, the cannabis industry is able to generate enough wealth and create enough innovations to transform our economy, making it more ecologically friendly not only here on Earth but on mankind's future outposts in space as well.

To Boldly Go Where No Plant Has Gone Before

Of course, taking weed beyond the Earth’s gravitational pull won’t be about getting blazed after the hardships of space exploration. Of much greater value is hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin. It can be used as food (oil and protein), a building material (hempcrete), a type of fuel (hemp biodiesel), for cloths, paints, plastics, and other materials that are too many to count.

And these are only the known uses. The cannabis plant is so versatile and the stigma surrounding it has hampered progress for so long, that we had barely scratched the surface. And if cannabis has so much potential on our ‘Spaceship Earth’, why not use it someday on ‘Spaceship Moon’ as well

Weeds Choose to Go to the Moon

In his iconic speech almost 60 years ago, John F. Kennedy encouraged Americans to dream big, and seven years later, what seemed to be impossible, happened — man landed on the Moon. The Key to Life press release basically encourages cannabis industry leaders and forward-thinkers to do exactly the same — strive for things “not because they are easy, but because they are hard”.

So environmentally conscious big companies such as Tesla can develop their rocket technology alongside ‘composting facilities’ where hemp will be turned into fuel and materials, with by-products used as the base for fertile soil.

Hemp is a perfect plant to become a part of a sustainable ecosystem in the first lunar colony. Or it could be a research facility discovering new uses for hemp and cannabis. Be it as it may, Dooley has no doubts that sooner or later there would be a cannabis lab on the Moon.