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Buy One Get One with Fast Buds' Strain of the Week, Girl Scout Cookies

Buy One Get One with Fast Buds' Strain of the Week, Girl Scout Cookies

Created: 24.01.2018

The last week of January means it's time for the Strain of the Week!

This time around we're offering a buy one get one special on the perennial stoner favorite, Girl Scout Cookies. Fast Buds' version combines our signature autoflowering genetics with the mellow high of an OG Kush and the clearheaded energy of the legendary sativa, Durbin Poison. When paired with GSC's easy to grow nature, it's no wonder the strain has become a favorite of smokers and growers alike.

Fast Buds' Autoflower Girl Scout Cookies by LiquidSun420

"Even with my newb growing skills, these Girl Scout Cookies are actually a fantastic smoke in all categories! I highly recommend this plant and breeder! Thanks for this one FastBuds!" -Newbie Grower TheLorax on

"The buds are rock solid and covered in goo. It's hard to pinpoint the smell, but it's extremely pleasant and makes its presence known from a distance. She was very resistant to pH flux, as well as some high RH levels at times. Will absolutely be growing the cookies in the future... The smell on this one was the best, and the nugs are rocks. This was also the heaviest yield and wasn't even that big. It took up a very small footprint. This strain is awesome I highly recommend." - Expert grower Hawkbo on

"It's over after 8 1/2 weeks! That's what I call Fast Buds :-)... Never saw buds getting so damn sticky. I am sure bigger phenos can go up to a 100+ grams per plant. Pretty good strain!" - Ted on

The video below showcases a GSC grow from seed to harvest by FastGrower TaNG.

Don't miss your chance to try an extra large batch of Fast Buds' Girl Scout Cookies, and, as always, enjoy growing faster!