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How to Enhance your Cannabis High?

Find out how you can increase your high through this article.
29 January 2020
5 min read
How to Enhance your Cannabis High?

Recreational cannabis users smoke cannabis specifically for that high that takes their mind off stressful things. Indeed, cannabis helps you relax and stop thinking about things you have no control over. But, pretty soon, there might be a day when you don’t feel the same even after smoking or ingesting cannabis.

And, this happens for a variety of reasons. But, whatever they may be, you’ll wonder why you aren’t feeling the same with cannabis anymore. Or, perhaps you want to elevate the high? Regardless of your reasons, this article will teach you how to enhance your cannabis high.

  1. Eat foods high in terpenes found in cannabis

mango by Brigitte Tohm/Unsplash

Terpenes are nothing but the essential oils found in cannabis plants. While some terpenes like Myrcene are found in fruits like Mango, there are many terpenes that are unique only to cannabis plants.

So, what does this have to do with enhancing your high, you ask? Well, try eating a mango before you smoke cannabis. Do the same even if you’re ingesting cannabis edibles, and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Myrcene also contributes to the fragrance of the mango and enters the bloodstream as soon as you consume cannabis. In fact, the terpenes will enhance the THC even if you eat mangoes after smoking. You can also eat grapefruits and pineapples among many other fruits to elevate your experience since they contain terpenes that are present in marijuana too.

2. Change your habits

joint by Maria Badasian/Unsplash

Over a period of time, you will naturally develop a habit of smoking cannabis at a particular time. For instance, if you love smoking after having dinner, you’re going to continue doing that for a long time. If you don’t change that habit, your high may not be the same you used to experience earlier.

Thus, to fix this problem, simply change your timing of indulging in cannabis at least for a little while. This will help you get back to track and enjoy marijuana a lot more than you used to do earlier.

3. Take a break

Some people panic when they completely stop getting affected by marijuana. No matter how much you ingest or smoke cannabis, sometimes it can be difficult to feel the high. There could be several reasons why it happens, but the most common reason is that you’ve simply developed a tolerance to cannabis.

The more you smoke, the more cannabinoids are released in your bloodstream and your body gets adjusted to it. Ever heard of the fact that the body can get adjusted to medications if you abuse it a tad too much? Yep, it’s the same with cannabis too. If you’re a chronic user that smokes several times a day and continues to do so 24/7, there will be a period of time when you’ll stop feeling anything even if you consume lots of marijuana.

To counter this problem, simply take a break. Once the THC exits your system, you can get back to cannabis again. Now, how long does it take for the THC to leave the system, you ask? Well, that depends. If you’re an occasional user, you can wait for about 10 days for your body to reset and receive the cannabinoids. However, if you’re a chronic user, you will need to wait for at least a month for the THC to completely drain out of your system.

THC also leaves the body through sweat and urine. Therefore, drink lots of water and you will naturally create a setup where all the THC is eliminated from your body slowly.

4. Take more hits

You’ve probably heard your friends telling you to take a puff and hold it inside. The more you hold it in, the better the high, right? Unfortunately, that’s wrong. Not only will you hurt your lungs by doing that, but you will also feel sore when you hold it in for too long.

So, what should I do to enhance my high? You just smoke more. Yes, it’s that simple. Point is that the body absorbs the THC within seconds of taking a puff. Even if you hold the smoke in, it doesn’t do much. Thus, take small puffs and enjoy your joint rather than taking bigger puffs that do more harm than good.

If you smoke more, you’ll obviously feel an intense high, but the key is to not overdo it. The moment you feel it’s too much – put that joint down. There’s a fine line between feeling happy while you’re high and going crazy when it’s too much. Maintain that difference and you’ll do good.

5. Change the way you indulge in cannabis

bong by Grav on Unsplash

While some people enjoy smoking cannabis, others love smoking through bongs. Pretty soon, it becomes a habit and you continue to smoke only joints or bongs without shifting at all. Although it certainly makes you feel good because it’s your style of enjoying marijuana, you get so used to it after a while that you stop getting high.

This is very similar to how you stop sensing anything when you overload your body with THC. Your body adjusts to it and you don’t feel that high you love anymore. Similarly, if you’re going to continue smoking only through a bong forever, you may not enjoy it after a while.

To prevent this and also enhance your high, try shifting between different methods. For example, if you smoke a joint today, try smoking a bong the next day. You can also enjoy cannabis edibles to make sure that you don’t get adjusted to one particular style.

Also, bongs can hurt your throat at times simply because they are too intense. Most people smoking through bongs tend to cough a lot. And, that’s because the hits are a tad too harsh. Moreover, the heat is too much for the throat. Thus, use ice cubes in your bong so that the hits are smoother.

6. Try using potent stuff

It can be very boring to only smoke buds all the time. Although traditional buds are enjoyable, there’s so much cannabis can actually offer. And, this doesn’t apply only to recreational users because potent products also help those that rely on cannabis medically. For example, if you’re using THC to get rid of pain, it makes sense to use a potent product like a rosin or shatter to get that shot of THC.

If you’re somehow not interested in trying them or don’t have access to exotic products, you can try strains that are high in THC. Today, there are so many strains to choose from that you’ll be spoiled for choices. Let’s talk about Gorilla Glue from our own list of strains, for instance. With a whopping 23-25% THC, she will make you much more high than you can ever imagine.

A single hit of a potent strain is enough. This is one surefire way to make sure that you’re as high as a kite. Dabbing is another method that can make you high. You could also grow the plants at home and create your own rosin or even shatter so you’re in total control of what you’re actually smoking.

And, there are ways to enjoy cannabis without any harmful side effects. You probably know that a joint also contains carcinogens that are present in cigarettes. If that’s your cause of concern, shift to vaping. Not only vaping increase your high, but it also lets you do it with your peace of mind intact.




29 January 2020