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Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Guerilla Growing

Guerilla growing consists of planting cannabis in a secluded area, where they are camouflaged with the vegetation.
31 March 2022
7 min read
Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Guerilla Growing

  • 1. Guerilla growing definition
  • 2. Finding the perfect spot
  • 2. a. Water
  • 2. b. Sunlight
  • 2. c. Camouflage
  • 2. d. Soil
  • 2. e. Bugs
  • 3. Choosing the right genetics
  • 4. Advantages
  • 5. Disadvantages
  • 6. In conclusion

1. Guerilla Growing Definition

Guerilla growing or guerilla gardening is a method of growing where the cannabis plants are located in a secluded area. It can also be a stealth backyard grow operation but, it’s usually done away from the city, in farms or small towns where you can easily reach the forest or jungle (depending on where you live), although it must be a place only you know because if it’s too easy to find, people may steal your plants.


Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Cannabis with vegetation

Cannabis blending in with the vegetation around.

This method consists of using natural resources to grow your plants from seed to harvest (so you don’t take the risk of getting caught when watering, for example).

Now you have to find a perfect spot. A perfect spot is a place where the plants receive a good amount of sunlight, with a water source nearby (like a river or pond), where other plants around are growing healthy and without bugs, and obviously, where people won’t find them.

Another thing the perfect spot must have is a good amount of vegetation, this is because you need to camouflage your plants so they don’t stand out.

2. Finding The Perfect Spot

Guerilla growing consists of camouflaging cannabis with the natural vegetation. The selected spot must be hard to access, with a good amount of sunlight, a water source nearby, and fertile soil because you don’t want to be seen going in multiple times, ideally you should only go to harvest your plants.

Finding the perfect spot for guerilla gardening can be quite hard because you need to have a lot of things in mind. Just like growing cannabis on your balcony or in a grow tent, you must find a place that provides the following: 


As you may know, plants need water. When guerilla growing cannabis it is very important to have this in mind because if you live in a dry climate, you will have to find a river, pond or any source of water to plant your cannabis nearby.

If you live in a very humid place, try to find a place with direct sunlight so your plant doesn’t get mold, although this can seem hard, you have to guide yourself by the looks of the plants nearby. 


Sunlight is vital for plants to produce sugars and grow, so when looking for the perfect spot this is the first thing you need to look for. When choosing the perfect spot you must look for the place that gets as much sunlight as possible.

A good way to look for it is to take a walk around the place you’re thinking of growing in the morning, afternoon and when the sun goes down, this way you can have an idea if that spot gets enough light all day long.


Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Guerilla growing

Optimal conditions for the perfect spot for guerilla growing cannabis.

Also, you should choose a place where the tree’s canopy allows you to see the sky. If you cannot see the sky or the sun from under the trees, then the sun will have a hard time reaching your plants. 


Considering guerilla growing consists of literally hiding your plants, you need to find a spot with a lot of vegetation. Remember you don’t want your plant to be covered by the ones around but you want to find a place where your cannabis plant can camouflage with the vegetation.

This is a very important aspect of this method of growing, if you choose a spot where there aren’t a lot of plants around, a 2m cannabis plant will stand out, especially when flowering.


If you live in a place where cannabis is illegal, you don’t want to be seen going in and out of the spot you chose to plant. This means you cannot go every couple of days to feed your plants. 

That's why you have to find a spot with good soil, to be sure of this you will have to check the vegetation around. If the plants around are healthy your plants probably will grow healthy too.


Growing Cannabis Outdoors: guerilla growing around lots of vegetation

Because guerilla growing consists of literally hiding your plants, so you need to find a spot with a lot of vegetation.

You can also dig a hole to check if the soil is fertile. A good sign is when you see worms and the soil has a rich dark color, although it's not necessary if you see the vegetation near is growing well. If they appear unhealthy, then it’s likely your plant will too.

Tip: If you’re worried about nutrients in the soil, you can mix slow-release powdered fertilizers a couple of weeks before planting, this will guarantee the soil is good for your plant.


Another thing you must look out for is signs of bugs or moldIf you see yellow spots on the leaves or webbing on the plants then you must avoid that spot.

Also try to look for signs of animals that may eat your plants like birds, rabbits or even cats and dogs may eat your cannabis plants, so watch out for that. 

You can protect your plants with a wire cage but it is best you don’t, because if you do you will need to go in with tools and the wire cage itself and people can see you. Also, the wire cage can fall on your plant and kill it. The best way is to find a good spot so you don’t have to worry about things like this.

3. Choosing The Right Genetics

Picking the right strain to grow is important for any grow op - whether it be a huge indoor facility, a small garden hobby grow, or anything in between. But, finding a cannabis seed that suits the environment is even more important for a guerrilla weed operation. Why?

Guerrilla grows are inherently secretive, and as such you should not be regularly checking your plants. Every time you enter the grow area you increase the likelihood of someone spotting you, becoming suspicious of why you are accessing the grow area and going to check what's up. Or worse, calling the cops. So what should you be looking for in terms of genetics? There are a few important factors to consider here:

Plants with short flowering periods 

Every day your plants grows is another day for pests, vermin, or disease to take hold and destroy your crop. You can help combat this by finding a grow spot that is surrounded by healthy vegetation, with good access to sunlight, and with relatively low humidity levels. You are not going to be able to check your plants for these issues or apply insecticides and fungicides, so look for plants that have a strong natural immunity. The shorter the flowering period, the less time there is for the crop to be found by unwanted attention. This could make all the difference between you walking away with a bumper crop, or in handcuffs. 

You can speed the whole process up by starting from healthy female clones (if you can get your hands on them), which will reduce the overall grow by about 15- 20 days depending on the strain. If starting from seed, it is advised (if possible) to germinate the seeds at home and let the plants grow for the first 2 weeks to give them the best chance of survival. Seedlings are much more susceptible to issues from fungus, insects, predators, and mold - controlling the conditions for their first few weeks can make a huge difference to the final yield and quality.

Avoid tall-growing plants 

The taller the plant, the higher the chance of them being spotted. Chose a strain that will blend in with the height of the natural surrounding vegetation.

Autos are perfect for guerrilla grows!

With their inbuilt timer that automatically starts the flowering cycle, their short stature, and their quick growth cycle, autos are a great choice for any guerrilla grow. Depending on your local climate, you may even be able to get 2 harvests in one season if you go with an autoflowering strain.

4. Advantages

There aren’t a lot of advantages other than the plant being far from your house. This is extremely beneficial to growers who live in a country where cannabis is illegal because even though you might end up without a harvest if someone ends up stealing your crop, you won’t get arrested.


Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Cannabis plant

Cannabis plant growing in a forest, surrounded by naturally occurring vegetation.

Have in mind that if you get too anxious and go check on your plant regularly, people may see you, recognize you or your car and if anything happens, they may report you to the police so you don’t have to go near the place you’re growing unless it is extremely important.

If possible, only visit your chosen spot in order to plant the seed, when you’re going to harvest and a maximum of once a month if needed.

5. Disadvantages

As you may know by now, it’s recommended you don’t check on your plant until you’re nearing harvest. This is a huge disadvantage because your plant may die and you won’t know it until a couple of months later.

There are a lot of factors that can affect plants in the wild like animals, storms, other people, and lack of nutrients among others, so make sure you have the right place before you germinate your seeds.

Your perfect spot will be a combination of all the elements specified above.

6. In Conclusion

A good idea would be to plant a strain that doesn’t grow too much and is resistant to all climates and bugs. For this purpose, we recommend our new Gorilla Cookies Auto.

Gorilla Cookies Auto
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Guerilla growing is not easy, even though you don’t have to do anything other than germinating the seed, you cannot adjust the environment throughout the plant's life cycle, this makes finding a good spot quite hard.  



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31 March 2022