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Justin Bieber Breaks Ground in Cannabusiness With “Peaches” Joints

05 October 2021
The 27-year-old Canadian singer joins the ranks of celebrities who have their own marijuana brands
05 October 2021
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Justin Bieber Breaks Ground in Cannabusiness With “Peaches” Joints

Justin Bieber has entered a partnership with Palms, an LA-based company that makes cannabis pre-rolls and sells them in California and Nevada. A 7-piece pack of joints costs $32. The singer’s own brand will be called “Peaches”, just like a song from his latest album.

Bieber isn’t the first celebrity to join the cannabis industry. The rapper Jay-Z holds one of the top positions in Parent Co., which has recently announced hiring the first black CEO in the sector. Other showbiz stars sell a variety of other cannabis products: from CBD gummies to THC beverages.

From Scandals to a Mission

In an emailed statement, the singer said that he would like to see the substance destigmatized and made more available to people who need it. He specifically mentioned patients with mental health issues. Probably because Bieber himself has struggled with depression and anxiety since the time when his early success made him a child star.

It’s a controversial subject whether medical marijuana has any benefits for people with mental conditions. Bieber himself said that he first tried marijuana in his early teens and eventually became dependent on it.

Justin Bieber Breaks Ground in Cannabusiness With “Peaches” Joints: The singer posing before camera

Justin Bieber

There were several scandals in which the singer’s use of cannabis was involved. In 2014, after a DUI incident in Florida, more than 270,000 people petitioned the government to deport Bieber back to his native Canada. Another time, the star made the headlines when it became known that the pilots of his private jet had to wear masks for fear of inhaling the cannabis smoke that Bieber and his friends produced in the cabin.

Now, the celebrity sees his involvement in the cannabis sector as a way to right some wrongs. A part of the proceeds from the sales of “Peaches” will go to the Last Prisoners Project, a nonprofit that seeks to free inmates convicted on marihuana charges. Another project that will gain support from Bieber is Veterans Walk and Talk.

Making Weed Approachable and Mainstream

For Palms, or Tres Palms Inc. as the company is properly called, working with Justin Bieber is an exciting opportunity. The way celebrities endorse cannabis-based products coincides with Palms’ own mission to normalize the use of cannabis and remove the stigma associated with the drug and the plant.

The deal will also certainly be profitable for both parties. However, its financial terms are unknown.