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Mike Tyson's New Cannabis Company Will Go National

29 October 2021
Even more Americans will now have access to cannabis that the heavyweight champion has personally tried and endorsed
29 October 2021
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Mike Tysons New Cannabis Company Will Go National

Mike Tyson has revealed his plans of starting a new cannabis company, Tyson 2.0. It will help share his newfound love for the plant with even more people across the United States. The legendary athlete, entertainer, and entrepreneur also wants to launch a cannabis theme park on his ranch in California.

A Medicine for the Body and Soul

For Tyson, weed as well as some other mild psychedelics were a revelation. They helped him change his life. During his long career in sports, the boxer had many injuries and surgical operations, and smoking cannabis eased his pain and calmed his nerves. At 55, he says he cannot believe how healthy and clear he feels.

He not only lost 100 pounds and made an impressive comeback on the ring, but also overcame the substance abuse and the tendency for violent behavior. The entrepreneur Rob Hickman, with whom the ex-boxer launched the Tyson Holistic label five years ago, describes his business partner as “the perfect man”.

Mike Tyson's New Cannabis Company Will Go National: Tyson smoking a marijuana joint, looking calm and thoughtful

Tyson smokes marijuana because it calms him down.

Now, the mission of Tyson’s new company is to help other people discover the benefits of the plant. Tyson doesn’t grow cannabis himself, nor plans to do so in the future. It is enough for him to partner up with the choice manufacturers, test-smoke their products, and sell the best bud he can find under his label.

Tyson’s brand is already well-known, most notably thanks to his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson where he talks to celebrities while puffing on his favorite flowers. Now, he’s entering the partnership with one of the country’s largest cannabis suppliers, Columbia Care Inc, which will sell Tyson’s best in its dispensaries as well as through other vendors. This will make Tyson's weed available nationally.

The 418-Acre “Lollapalooza of Cannabis”

Another prominent part of Tyson’s business empire will be a 418-acre cannabis theme park dedicated to weed. It will accommodate its guests in a luxury hotel and upscale camping, teach cannabis cultivation skills at “Tyson University”, and give visitors a chance to try a whole range of Tyson-approved flowers, edibles, beverages, and other marijuana products.

Mike Tyson's New Cannabis Company Will Go National: Tyson burying his face in cannabis bud to smell its aroma

Mike Tyson personally tests every batch of bud for quality.

Hopefully, this weed resort will also become a venue for music festivals. And one of the main attractions will be the world’s largest lazy river. What better way to savor some of Tyson’s premium bud than leisurely riding along on a raft and enjoying the scenery!