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More Women Are Turning To Cannabis Products Due To The Pandemic

23 June 2021
Due to the pandemic more women are consuming cannabis products.
23 June 2021
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More Women Are Turning To Cannabis Products Due To The Pandemic

Cannabis products were once mostly consumed by males but that perception is becoming outdated as more women are using CBD products for wellbeing purposes. According to recent reports, the percentage of female cannabis consumers has increased throughout the last year, now making up 51% of all consumers in the United States. 

Cannabis Consumers Diversity

With recreational cannabis legalized in several states within the US, recent studies have reached the conclusion that only 6% of all cannabis consumers are recreational users and since last year, the demographic has become much more diverse in both ethnicity and gender identification, with 59% of recreational users identifying as female. Reports say that women also tend to consume more cannabis and cannabis-derived products than men, with almost 40% consuming cannabis at least 3 times a day or more and, according to the research conducted, cannabis is among the top 3 most popular products in the US.

Cannabis-derived Products Are Not Only Buds

Due to the ongoing pandemic, more people have use cannabis products than vegan products such as plant-based meat and soy milk; According to studies, more than half of recreational consumers have started using cannabis-derived products such as oils, topicals, and edibles to treat anxiety, and almost 75% started using it to help with relaxation due to the toll on mental health that the pandemic has taken on everybody.

The Impact On The CBD Market

CBD consumers within the 23-28 age range account for 71% of CBD users with approximately 18% of cannabis consumers admitting that they don’t know enough about CBD, but would be willing to try it in the future. The pandemic has also affected the CBD market, there was a huge shift from dispensaries to online sales and, unfortunately, not all brands were prepared so a lot had to close down. On the other hand, those that were prepared for the market shift became “stronger” and will continue to grow as the cannabis industry continues to expand.

Similar Trends Around The World

Despite the cannabis industry not being the same in all countries, similar trends have been seen in the UK market for example. During the pandemic, there was a huge shift towards online commerce in the United Kingdom and there was a big increase in CBD product sales. But still, there are clear differences between the cannabis product markets in the two countries, the main one being that CBD brands in the UK are prohibited from offering THC-rich cannabis products, unlike certain parts in the US.

Also, the UK doesn’t allow local hemp crops yet, this is why CBD products are being sold as novel food ingredients, but the studies concluded that despite the different laws and regulations not only in the US and UK but all over the world, the cannabis market will follow similar paths as the rest of the world begins to alleviate prohibition on THC and CBD products.