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Morocco Works on Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation

A recent bill passed may legalize cultivation and exporting of medical cannabis.
09 July 2021
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Morocco Works on Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation

Morocco is amongst the largest cannabis producers in the world, despite operating in legal grey areas, the country exports the majority of its production to Europe. A recent bill passed by congress, but not yet approved, may legalize cannabis cultivation for industrial and medical purposes in certain areas of the country.

Bill Passed But Not Approved Yet

Despite not yet approved by the king, Congress passed a bill that may legalize the cultivation, use, and export of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes (such as hemp for its fibers) but does not legalize cannabis for recreational purposes and will only allow cultivation in certain parts of the country.

Locals agree this bill may allow certain areas of the country to develop as there’s no infrastructure, schools, or hospitals in most areas where cannabis is cultivated and most importantly, stop rebellions and violence related to cannabis. During the last couple of years, there have been violent protests due to several regions depending on cannabis production and the government was always against it due to the UN listing cannabis as a dangerous substance. But recently, the United Nations removed medicinal cannabis from the list mentioned and now the Moroccan government is able to negotiate with cannabis producers.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalization

Moroccan Interior Minister claims that by regulating cannabis production, the government will be able to deal with deforestation and soil degradation while allowing those who depend on cannabis to survive without fearing the law. Despite the several benefits, the government is worried due to most farmers not being trained to grow cannabis following international standards and may not produce enough to keep a business going.

Experts claim that Moroccans produce quantity but not quality cannabis, and most often cultivate in mountains or remote areas which may not be ideal so there’s a lot of planning and preparation to do before everything starts working as it should. Locals are also worried about this proposition not addressing a huge issue, as almost 50,000 farmers have been arrested for cannabis cultivation and cannabis use.

09 July 2021