Thailand to Establish a Research Center For Medical Cannabis

The new research facility will study everything cannabis-related — from breeding new strains to making cannabis extracts
22 November 2021
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Thailand to Establish a Research Center For Medical Cannabis

The memorandum of understanding to create an international medical cannabis research center was signed by the Ministry of Public Health and the RxLeaf World Medica Company. The goal of this joint enterprise is to strengthen Thailand’s position as Asia’s major medical cannabis producer.

The country’s climate is perfect for the cultivation of the plant. It also makes it an attractive tourist destination. Besides, Thailand is an important transportation hub in the region. Officials believe that these advantages, coupled with the recent easing of the regulations, will draw crowds of tourists from China and other countries who want to try treatment with this natural medicine.

Expanding Knowledge Through International Cooperation

At the same time that Thailand’s officials announced their plans to establish the research center, the country was also hosting an international conference on medical cannabis that gathered experts from many countries. It’s a testament that international stakeholders rate very high the prospects of this Eastern-Asian country to become one of the world’s leaders in the field.

Thailand to Establish a Research Center For Medical Cannabis: The signees of the memorandum of understanding

The Medical Cannabis Research Center will be an important venue for sharing knowledge about the plant.

The research center will also be much more than a local phenomenon. It will give scientists, pharmacists, and doctors from Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands a chance to share their experiences with Thai colleagues. Together, they will study cannabis genetics and cultivation methods, develop novel formulations and new techniques for cannabis extracts. Clinical trials are also a part of a plan.

Post-Covid Economic Recovery

Thailand’s Minister of Public Health, Anutin Charnvirakul, acknowledged that the government considers medical cannabis as one of the measures to help the country’s economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It sounds like a solid plan because, according to the World’s Health Organization, the global medical sector has a value of USD 8.3 trillion. And Prohibitions Partners, the leading market research firm in the cannabis industry, estimates the current value of the legal cannabis market at USD 12.5 billion. Any country smart enough to compete for a slice of this global pie is looking at a bright future, especially if it has so much of the competitive edge as Thailand.


22 November 2021