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The Botany of Legalization: Thailand Will Now Allow Cannabis Flowers and Seeds

The Southeast-Asian nation took a unique road to legalize the plant incrementally; now it’s the turn for buds and seeds.
20 January 2022
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The Botany of Legalization: Thailand Will Now Allow Cannabis Flowers and Seeds

Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration revealed its plans to decriminalize the possession, production, and sale of cannabis flowers and seeds. The FDA will recommend that the country’s narcotics board remove these parts of the cannabis plant from Schedule 5 of the list of controlled substances.

In 2018, Thailand became the first country in the region to legalize the use of cannabis in medicine, cosmetics, food, and beverages. And in December last year, it decriminalized personal production, possession, and sale of its roots, stems, leaves, and branches.

From Downright Draconian to Forward-Thinking

As is the case all across Southeast Asia, Thailand has so far prosecuted cannabis consumers very harshly. One still can land in jail for up to 15 years for a cannabis-related felony.

However, the authorities have closely followed the global changes in attitudes toward the plant and recognized its medical benefits. The nation plans to become a major hub for the legal cannabis trade, taking advantage of its strategic placement in the region and its perfect climate. It also hopes that the legalization of medical marijuana will turn it into a popular destination for health and wellness tourism.

It’s Still Only Medical, Not Recreational

The recent proposal that would fully decriminalize domestic growing of the plant, as well as possession of all of its parts, will hopefully give an incentive to the local population to grow cannabis for the needs of the beauty and cosmetics industry.

The Botany of Legalization: Thailand Will Now Allow Cannabis Flowers and Seeds: A young marijuana plant topped above the third node and grown indoors in a textile grow bag

Decriminalizing all parts of the plant can give a boost to cannabis cultivation in Thailand.

The current rules allow only the trade in such parts of the plant as stems, roots, and leaves while flowers and seeds are illegal to possess and sell and should be submitted to a state-run medical facility for processing.

And even the new rules will probably leave the recreational use illegal as high-THC cannabis products—the ones that make you high—will remain regulated.


20 January 2022