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The First Batch of Uganda’s Medical Cannabis is Coming to the UK

Dried flowers at prices lower than on the black market will expand the choice of products for medical patients in the UK
27 June 2022
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The First Batch of Uganda’s Medical Cannabis is Coming to the UK

Cantourage UK is exporting the first batch of dried flowers from Africa to be made available to the patients registered in the medical marijuana program in the UK. Two high-THC strains will form the foundation of a whole range of strains developed by a leading Israeli cannabis producer for treating specific medical conditions.

Cantourage UK is a subsidiary of Cantourage GmbH operating from Berlin and outsourcing cultivation, manufacturing, logistics, and other processes in the value chain to various international cannabis companies through their unique Fast Track Access Platform.

Grown In Africa and Shipped from Germany via Israel

The first African weed to be supplied to the UK’s domestic market comes from Together Pharma Holdings, an Israel-based company that is a leading global manufacturer of medical marijuana products. It also has two state-of-the-art cultivation facilities – one in Israel and the other one in Uganda.

These facilities use the greenhouse production method which allows the company to make use of the near-perfect climate for cannabis growing in the Middle East and Africa but employs advanced techniques used to control every environment parameter – from temperature to humidity to watering to nutrient levels.

The First Batch of Uganda’s Medical Cannabis is Coming to the UK: A large complex of greenhouses in a field with the Together Pharma logo in the foreground

A greenhouse allows you to use free sunlight while controlling environmental conditions.

More Cutting-Edge Cultivars Coming Soon

The first two varieties to hit the British market via this new channel are Glueberry OG and Power Plant. The latter is a hybrid based on the African Sativa, the former is a direct descendant of OG which comes from Durban Poison, another famous African variety. This means that medical patients in the UK – not quite spoiled by either the availability of their medicine or its quality – will now have access to the best weed grown in the climate from which it originated.

The representatives of Cantourage UK say that they expect other varieties to be introduced in the country in the coming months and that these top-shelf flowers will be sold at prices below the black market average.


27 June 2022