Strain History: OG Kush

08 May 2020
A legendary strain known even outside of the cannabis world!
08 May 2020
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Strain History: OG Kush

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  • 1. The history of og kush
  • 2. Og kush: a unique strain
  • 3. Most common questions about og kush
  • 4. Og kush terpene profile
  • 5. Grow tips
  • 6. In conclusion

OG Kush is a legendary strain known worldwide, known even among people who don’t smoke. This strain had such a unique terpene profile and strong effects that it was the first strain to be really sought after and got its fame in no time.

1. The History of OG Kush

Even though theories say OG Kush's name refers to it being grown along the coast of California meaning “Ocean Grown Kush” or it referring to, the website where the bag containing the seed was sold on (thus the name “OG Kush”)  these theories have been debunked.

The most accepted story begins in the 1990s in Florida when a grower named Matt "Bubba" Berger bought a bag of mixed seeds where he found a very unique phenotype of (what he thought it was) Chemdawg. He soon realized the plant's potential and crossed it to a Hindu Kush landrace gotten from Amsterdam, resulting in a cultivar with a unique terpene profile he ended up calling “Kryptonite” aka “Krippy” in reference to its intense aroma.

According to the story, "Krippy" turned into "Kush" after one of Berger's friends started to call it "Kush Berries" because of its dense, colorful, and round nuggets that reminded him of wild berries. Soon it became the most sought after strain in Florida by growers and smokers for its strong high, very dense nugs, and extremely intense smell. However, it wasn’t until a cutting of Kush ended up in LA in the hands of Josh D that it really took off.


Strain History: OG Kush Auto Plant on 12th week

OG Kush on the 12th-week form grower m0use from GrowDiaries.

Josh was a friend of Matt and a very experienced grower, he knew Kush wasn’t the easiest plant to grow but was a very desired phenotype so he decided to share cuttings and knowledge with his friends to see what they could come up with, little they knew they would give life to one of the most famous strains, ultimately getting known all over the world, not only getting the OG status but also getting renamed to OG Kush to remember her as one of the first strains.  

With time OG Kush managed to spread around the world developing hybrids such as Tahoe OG Kush, Larry OG (aka SFV OG Kush), Bubba Kush Pre'98, Josh D OG, and Purple Kush for example. Today many famous Cali hybrids come from different phenotypes and crosses originated from these strains.

2. OG Kush: A Unique Strain

Thanks to her Californian heritage, our Fast Buds team developed our most powerful classic autoflowering strain. Original Auto OG Kush respects its classic unique terpene profile and high, her easy to grow nature combined with its ability to grow without much maintenance makes a perfect choice for those new to growing autoflowering cannabis.

Her Indica heritage translates into a plant that grows on the short side (up to 100cm or 40in), bulky and stocky. While having smaller characteristics she is definitely a heavy feeder and will deliver accordingly, having up to 23% THC she can produce 500 gr/m2 (over 17oz) of dense and insanely frosty extra stinky flowers. You’ll be amazed at the insane amounts of trichomes it produces.


Strain History: OG Kush Ready To Be Harvested

Original Auto OG Kush ready to be harvested from our grower Fish88 from GrowDiaries.

The terpenes on this strain are what Kush lovers love and expect, a blend of pine, citrus, and an earthy smell. She coats the palate with a flavor of creamy citrus and chemicals with a distinct kerosene overtone while delivering an effect as strong as her smell and flavor, a super potent high that is extremely long-lasting.

Too much of this strain will leave you sedated and send you to sleep, a perfect strain for medical patients looking for therapeutic benefits or those looking to put their feet up and relieve any kind of physical pain after a hard day of work.

3. Most Common Questions About OG Kush

•  Why is OG Kush so popular?

OG Kush has been popular since the '90s, it's a strain people have been enjoying for a lot of time due to its potency and flavor.

•  Is OG Kush a Sativa or Indica?

There's no way to know exactly what OG Kush is but the story says it's a balanced hybrid resulting from the cross of Hindu Kush (Indica) and Chemdawg (Hybrid).


Strain History: OG Kush Auto ready to be harvested

Original Auto OG Kush ready to be harvested from our grower Fish88 from GrowDiaries.

  Is OG and Kush the same strain?

Kush refers to the Hindu Kush landrace while OG is the famous cross that originated in Florida. OG Kush is the result of a cross (Chemdawg x Hindu Kush) between two strains.

•  What strains are similar to OG Kush?

Strains with the same effects as OG Kush are Original Auto Cheese, Fire OG, and Platinum Kush, among others.

  Does OG Kush make you sleepy?

Being the result of a cross with one of the most potent Indicas, OG Kush will definitely make you sleep fast. OG Kush is used to treating pain and insomnia and is usually referred to as a medicinal strain.

4. OG Kush Terpene Profile

OG Kush's unmistakable aroma comes from the following unique combination of terpenes (approximately).

Main Terpenes: 0.59% Caryophyllene, 0.17% Humulene, 0.10% Myrcene, 0.016% Linalool, 0.21% Pinene, 0.41% Limonene.

Secondary Terpenes: 0.003% Terpinolene and 0.002% Ocimene.


Strain History: OG Kush Terpenes

OG Kush Terpene Profile.

5. Grow Tips

Thanks to her Indica heritage, OG Kush is recommended for cold climates as she is used to the cold Californian nights, she can also take a strong feeding and the result of those extra nutrients will show once it's harvested.


Strain History: OG Kush Auto Harvested Buds

OG kush harvested buds.

OG Kush is an overall very resilient strain that requires little to no maintenance at all. She really begins to stink when flowering so you should be careful if you're growing it outdoors and remember she delivers a super potent high, not recommended if you're not an avid smoker.

6. In Conclusion

Even though you can find more than 100 OG derived strains, OG Kush is one of the most sought after strains since the '90s. Her unique smell, flavor, and high are something that old-time smokers can't seem to get enough of, especially medical patients.

In honor of this old-school classic we developed Original Auto OG Kush, this strain is a true expression of the world-famous OG Kush that takes only 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

OG Kush Auto
5 out of 5
I had to remove dozens of smaller branches but she still was huge and the top buds were also huge and quite dense and heavy
Verified customer
Reviewed 17 October 2022

Highly recommended for medicinal patients, it helps relieve sore muscles after practicing sports or body pain after a long day of work (any kind of physical pain). Especially for those in need of a medicinal strain as she has a strong sedative effect and can be used to substitute pain killers.