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Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains

As you may already know, the first and perhaps most important step when growing your own weed is to select the best cannabis strain for your needs.
10 October 2019
7 min read
Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains

  • 1. Smoothie auto
  • 2. C4 auto
  • 3. Blackberry auto
  • 4. Girl scout cookies auto
  • 5. Green crack auto

As you may already know, the first and perhaps most important step when growing your own
weed is to select the best cannabis strain for your needs. This task can seem easier said than
done, especially if you are a beginner who is still struggling to understand all the cannabis grow
lingo like autoflower, feminized, photoperiod and many other buzzwords which seasoned
growers throw around. Worry no more about navigating that complex jungle because Fast Buds
has you covered. You can read up on autoflowers and photoperiod plants, feminized and regular
seeds, and you can also get a primer on how to grow autoflower cannabis plants in soil.

But why go through a lengthy list of strains to select the best? Just take your pick from the Top 5
Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019 which we have summarized for you in this blog post.

Smoothie Auto

The first of the Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019 which we strongly recommend for
you is the Smoothie Auto. Fast Buds is proud to bring to you this strain because it is the product
of all the experience accumulated by a dedicated team of laboratory experts over a decade. This
expertise is all distilled into this strain which will send your senses to heaven and back with its
fruitiest blend of Somango and Blueberry.

Smoothie Auto
5 out of 5
It's such an easy going strain to smoke. Morning, afternoon, evening, I'd smoke it all the time if I could haha
Verified customer
Reviewed 28 September 2020

The lime green buds of this marijuana plant will hold you spellbound like a moth drawn to fire.
Smoothie Auto is an ideal smoke during the day or when you are meeting up with buddies over
the weekend. This is because the cannabis strain strikes just the right balance between relaxing
you physically while giving you a much-needed heady euphoria.

“You can grow the Smoothie Auto just about anywhere, whether you are a microgrower or large scale cultivator”

Wondering where you can grow the Smoothie Auto? You can grow these plants just about
anywhere regardless of whether you are a microgrower or a large scale cultivator. The plant is
highly trainable and it has the physical structure that is typical of indica strains. The mature
Smoothie Auto plant will vary in height from 60-110cm. The Smoothie Auto goodness will be
begging you to harvest it in just 8 or 9 weeks! As the name suggests, Smoothie Auto will give
you a blend of different fruity tastes including ripe mangoes and different berries.

C4 Auto

When our experts cross-bred multiple purple strains of cannabis, what they came up with is the
C4 Auto and this variety makes it to the list of the Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains. C4
Auto hybrid is unrivalled in its ability to grow explosively from the time its taproot forms to the
time you harvest its purple resinous buds.

Our C4 Auto is descended from a male plant which was specially selected for its many desirable
qualities, such as a short flowering period that isn’t common in sativa varieties, short intermodal
distances (hence closely packed buds) and thickness. The female from which the C4 Auto was
bred is gifted with an astonishing aroma, spectacular flavor and a large amount of THC with
trace amounts of CBD. The C4 Auto seeds you buy from Fast Buds will give you cannabis plants
which reflect this rich heritage.

C4 Auto
4 out of 5
I have just finished curing my c4 auto and she smells lovely. The smoke is also very nice. But, the buds came out a bit airy.
Verified customer
Reviewed 25 January 2020

C4 Auto will give you a buttery taste that gets added depth from the earthy notes it packs. The
smoke from this bad boy quickly penetrates your whole body and in just a matter of minutes,
your well-being and mood will be lifted to such an extent that you will have no care in the world
for about 2 hours while this refreshing goodness still has a hold on your body and mind. No
wonder all who complain of muscle aches, headaches, stress or anxiety all sing the praises of the
therapeutic effect of C4 Auto.

“Its buds form in just two weeks and keep doubling their size each subsequent week”

The growth process of C4 Auto isn’t called explosive for nothing. In approximately 8 weeks, the
buds will be ready for harvesting, but that isn’t the whole story. Its buds form in just two weeks
and keep doubling their size each subsequent week until the second-last week when the existing
buds fatten at a slower pace while the magical ingredients inside mature and reach their peak.

Fast Buds is proud of the C4 Auto strain because the plant is very resilient. It is highly resistant
to infectious molds and pests, so you can plant it literally anywhere (in a greenhouse, indoors or
outdoors) with minimal care.

Blackberry Auto

Our Blackberry Auto cannabis strain is another variety which will blast from seed to harvest in a
short 8 weeks. All we ask is that you adhere to the basics of marijuana plant care, go slow on the
fertilizers, provide 18/6 lighting schedule and the plant will do the rest, giving you a rich harvest
of lush lavender buds.

“Compact and chunky is an appropriate description of Blackberry Auto”

Blackberry Auto grows to between 70cm and 110cm in height at the peak of its growth. The
mature plant is characterized by tight internodal spaces and the central cola is swollen. Compact
and chunky is an appropriate description of this plant when it is in its full glory!

The Blackberry Auto has rich Kush flavors which are moderated by fruity forest tastes and a
berry-like aftertaste that will leave you convinced that this auto strain is the juiciest purple
variety of cannabis on earth!

Blackberry Auto
5 out of 5
Grew blackberry in my past 3 runs, love the Fruity berry smell and taste. Everything I grew it always comes out purple buds.
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 July 2021

This mostly indica strain can have a THC concentration reaching up to 23 percent and is low in
CBD. Want to grow your plants indoors or outdoors? Take your pick, the Blackberry Kush Auto
will thrive in either environment.

The plump purple buds call for careful handling because they are literally dripping with
glistening resin! The picture you get after looking at the ready buds is that of forest fruits which
have been generously dipped in sugar!

The purple goodness isn’t just in the looks of the Blackberry Auto plant; smoking this variety
will take you on a long leisurely trip to absolute relaxation. Perfect as a nightcap! This strain
deserves its place among the Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

If the reviews of our Girl Scout Cookies Auto are anything to go by, you haven’t reached
cannabis nirvana if you have not yet sampled the Fast Buds version of Girl Scout Cookies Auto.
This strain is a worldwide hit and is an all-time favorite of all California cannabis strains.

With all modesty, we at Fast Buds are pleased to note that we have made a significant
contribution to taking the goodness of the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain beyond the
Americas after our topnotch lab team developed an autoflowering version of this classic.

Our version is an indica-leaning autoflowering hybrid which, not surprisingly, tastes like
cookies! Your sweet tooth will be more than amply attended to in a way that your body and mind
will appreciate. As for its smell, you will be hard-pressed to identify it, but all you will be sure of
is that whatever it is, it is so highly pleasant!

How soon after planting your seeds can you enjoy the Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto? In 8-
9 weeks, the plant will reach its towering height of between 60cm and 100cm regardless of
whether your preferred cultivation site is indoors or outdoors. Any wonder why it is included in
our list of Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019?

Unlike our Blackberry Auto strain which requires minimal nutrients, the Girl Scout Cookies
Auto will thrive best when given a generous helping of nutrients throughout its lifecycle. The
reddish-orange buds will grow bigger, and you will be one satisfied gardener once these buds
take on a dense layer of white trichomes (an indicator that you can start smacking your lips in
anticipation of the harvest to come).

Another small reminder; the Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto has such a strong odor that you
would be well advised to deploy carbon filters when growing this strain so that you don’t
indirectly invite others to your feast if you don’t want to!

Green Crack Auto

If you are interested in growing autoflowering plants whose buds will give you an adrenaline
rush, the Green Crack Auto strain from Fast Buds is the one for you. This strain makes it hands
down into our list of the Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019 because of the way test
growers have been raving about its turbocharged and exquisite mango flavor, and the buzz it
creates shortly after one smokes it. This strain isn’t for couch potatoes!

The Green Crack Auto is very stimulating and gives you a rush of energy that will leave you
wondering whether the plant is really a hybrid.

Green Crack Auto
5 out of 5
nice fast delivery, took 3 days to germinate! have seeds 9 days into germination and they are still going.... so good job. will be ordering more!
Verified customer
Reviewed 13 March 2018

Like all other strains from Fast Buds, Green Crack Auto is easy to grow and can adapt to either
indoor grow facilities or outdoor cultivation conditions. It can grow to either a medium-sized
plant or a large one, with its minimum height being 60cm. what is unmistakable about this strain
is that it naturally bulks up. You therefore need to give it ample horizontal space so that it can
reach its full potential.

In 8 or 9 weeks, you will be feasting on a rich harvest of the dense snow white buds whose
massive quantity will knock your socks off! High THC levels of up to 20 percent with low
concentrations of CBD will combine with other cannabinoids and terps to give you a burst of
energy to take you through your busy day.

So, which of our Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019 in the discussion above has you
spellbound? If undecided, no problem! Give them all a try and select your favorite later. Our
prices are so affordable and the seed packets vary in size, so there is something for everyone.

10 October 2019