Top 5 Highest Yielding Strains in 2023 - Best Yielding Cannabis Autoflowering

20 March 2023
Continue reading to discover the biggest yielding autoflowering strains to grow in 2023!
20 March 2023
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Top 5 Highest Yielding Strains in 2023 - Best Yielding Cannabis Autoflowering

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  • 1. Bruce banner auto - up to 450-600gr/m2
  • 2. Cherry cola auto - up to 500-600gr/m2
  • 3. Orange sherbet auto- up to 650gr/m2
  • 4. Purple punch auto - up to 450-600gr/m2
  • 5. Strawberry gorilla auto - up to 450-600gr/m2
  • 6. In conclusion

Nothing is better than growing top-shelf flowers and having an enormous yield, to keep those curing jars full for months on end. Big yields of top-shelf flower is what every grower aims for, and yes, growing conditions, feedings, and the care you give your plants makes a huge difference in the final outcome but genetics is what dictates how far you can push your plants.

This means that even under perfect conditions, results may be underwhelming if you’re not growing quality seeds, so always make sure to start with the best genetics from reputable vendors if you wish to have the best results possible. As mentioned, Knowing which cultivar produces what can sometimes be quite tricky, so make sure to read the article below where you’ll find Fast Buds’ top 5 high-yielding strains to be growing out in 2023.

1. Bruce Banner Auto - Up to 450-600gr/m2

Bruce Banner Auto is a mixture of Indica and Sativa, meaning that this plant won’t doubt to show its hybrid vigor, growing up to 150cm in height while flowering in 10-11 weeks; With epic yields of up to 600gr/m2 it's an excellent strain for commercial harvests and those new to growing autos looking for an easy to grow strain that delivers lots and lots of resin with both premium quality and quantity.

When flowering her buds are big, fat, and chunky with a serious density to them. Her calyxes swell and stack up making her buds look large-sized and glistening with trichomes. The flavor can be described as a mix of sweet berry and diesel with earthy overtones. Thanks to her high THC levels, this lady offers an overall joyful and relaxing effect that will surely allow you to experience the potency to its full effects.

Grow Tips

  • Better suited for big grow spaces indoors and outdoors, as her final height will range between 110-150cm making this strain hard to hide. 
  • It is well recommended to grow Bruce Banner Auto in a Scrog setup to maximize yields and make the most out of your growing space. 
  • Pruning the lower parts of your plants will allow all of the plant’s growth energy to be used on the remaining parts. By doing this, it will ensure there will no lower smaller buds and airflow will improve.

2. Cherry Cola Auto - UP TO 500-600GR/M2

A hybrid of Indica and Sativa genetics that has huge yielding capabilities, and hits up to 25% THC. Not only is a terpene powerhouse, Cherry Cola Auto is also amongst the fastest flowering cultivars, meaning commercial growers can harvest every 9-10 weeks. Her height will range from 90-150cm and when flowering, expect the buds to stack together filling every branch from top to bottom, with extremely frosty nugs that reek of delicious fruity terps with a solid creamy and fizzy background.

The flavor is a mixture of berries with a powerful fizzy and overtones of fresh fruity terps, resulting in a delicious taste of cherry coke. The effects can be described as uplifting, upbeat, energized, but deeply relaxed thanks to the ideal blend of Indica and Sativa lineage.

Grow Tips

  • Growers who experience short summers will achieve incredible results, with this fast-flowering, tough and highly resilient hybrid. 
  • Well recommended for anyone looking for perpetual harvests all year round, thanks to the rapid seed-to-harvest date of just 63-70 days.
  • Tying Cherry Cola Auto down is a great way to open up the structure of the plant, allowing for a much more compact final canopy. 

3. Orange Sherbet Auto - Up to 650gr/m2

This citrus-flavored, Sativa-dominant lady is one of our tallest plants growing as tall as 150cm with huge harvests. An extra-large yielding cultivar that is ready to harvest in just 9-10 weeks. Not only will she reward you with an abundant harvest of high grade, but will also be up to 26% THC, making her highly potent also.

Her growth structure is similar to a Christmas tree, as she displays her Sativa dominant producing a tall main cola and multiple long side branches filled with thick buds that reek of a delicious citrus aroma with a dominant orange scent. A tall and bushy cultivar that performs incredibly well outdoors in a hot climate. The flavors can be compared to a cocktail of fresh orange juice, citrus with sour tangerine sherbet overtones, and her effect is a blissful, euphoric soaring high that is deeply motivational with an energetic edge, perfect for Sativa lovers and those who prefer a strong cerebral high to go through a busy day focused.

Grow Tips

  • Anyone with limited height will struggle to maintain this tall, vigorous strain and is best recommended for growers with experience with Sativa dominant strains.
  • Outdoors planting this girl in large-sized containers as big as 50 liters, will ensure the biggest plants possible allowing you to grow some serious monsters. 
  • Flush your plants correctly during the final few weeks. To really bring out the superb flavors and terpenes Orange Sherbet produces.

4. Purple Punch Auto - Up to 450-600gr/m2

A fast flowering Indica dominant autoflowering strain, that is well known for rock-solid resilience and big yields. Perfect for beginner growers, and those who endure challenging weather. This lady will grow to a height of 90-150cm tall and will have a bushy, chunky appearance once flowering ends.

Purple Punch Auto produces thick, golf ball-sized buds with very short internodal spacing, whilst displaying her Indica dominance. Her flavor is a wild mix of cherry and blueberry muffins with bold spicy overtones, and the effect is heavily relaxing and long-lasting that won't keep you locked to your sofa. Certainly one for Indica fans who demand a powerful relaxing effect but with a Sativa side that will keep you energized and focused.

Grow Tips

  • Highly resistant to pathogens and mold, making her an excellent candidate for growers who suffer from short summers, heavy rain, or cold temperatures.
  • Thanks to her uniform structure, she works superbly well in a Scrog scenario, meaning many plants can be grown closely together in one space.
  • Purple Punch Auto is a heavy feeder and enjoys taking a strong nutrient solution. Make sure you flush her correctly during the final few weeks. 

5. Strawberry Gorilla Auto - UP TO 450-600GR/M2

A Sativa-dominant strain with a very unique fruity terpene profile that tastes like a delicious strawberry smoothie with a prominent bubblegum background, enormous yields, and a seed-to-harvest cycle of 10 weeks. This ladygrows super tall, ranging from 90-150cm in height, making her a great choice for those who are looking to get the most out of every single seed.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto grows quite large, with a tall main cola and several side branches while still maintaining the typical Indica appearance, and grows elongated and super dense buds with fat calyxes and an insane amount of trichomes all over them. The flavor can be described as tropical strawberries and red berries, with a delicious sweet bubblegum and earthy background and comes hand-in-hand with a powerful hybrid high that starts as a euphoric cerebral effect and slowly transforms into a warming corporal relaxation, the perfect strain for those with a high tolerance looking for an everyday strain. 

Grow Tips

  • A fast flowering and high-yielding cultivar that can be ready to harvest after 10 weeks, making her well suited for perpetual harvests throughout the year.
  • We recommend growing this strain with a lot of vertical space to avoid having problems late in the flowering stage.
  • It's highly recommended to flush properly, this way you enhance the delicious terpene profile even more.

6. In Conclusion

Now that you know all of our highest-yielding autoflowers you'll be able to get plentiful harvests all year long; We hope we have helped you on your way to growing monster-sized plants, that are known for heavyweight production. Always remember that you can increase yields even further by avoiding stress such as overfeeding and overwatering among others. Avoiding stress is not difficult at all and it’s what makes an okay harvest turn into an excellent one.

Growers who live in hotter climates can expect better results, however, all of the strains from the list above are incredible performers in colder climates also. Make sure you are drying your flowers and are spending the extra time to do it properly allowing you to enjoy the best-tasting flowers and extracts possible. We wish you the best luck filling those curing jars and filling up for the rest of the year with our top 5 high-yield cannabis strains!